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LED iBond manufactures extremely thin LED lighting fixtures for architects and lighting designers.

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High Bay Lighting Solutions

Retrofit solutions by LED iBond provide a new way of renovating exisitng light fixtures, with impressive output and short Return on investment.

High bay

LED iBond Industrial Lighting solution

Save Energy and Improve Performance

In the past High Bay lighting solutions were designed to fulfil one task only: Enable visibility in a working environment and make it somewhat safe. Most lighting equipment used for the task was bulky, heavy, and therefore difficult to install, and only met very basic requirements towards high quality lighting - which can lead to better performance in the workplace as well as more representative surroundings.


Our HB2 is different - in many ways:

  • Only 6mm thin - easy to install, minimum space requirements
  • Superb efficiency - reducing the amount of energy costs and number of light fittings
  • High Quality of light - Good colour rendering and comfortable colour temperatures enable a safer working environment that allows employees to perform their tasks better and faster.

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