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LED iBond manufactures extremely thin LED lighting fixtures for architects and lighting designers.


Lighting for Public Places - DTU

A modern approach for a classic light fixture


Back in the 1970s, the Danish Technical University was one of the first major universities to move to a modern, large scale campus, outside of historic city centres. It is located on a plain referred to as “Lundtoftesletten” in the north-eastern end of the city of Lyngby. A very modest, whilst still modern approach has been taken towards the lighting back then. The so called “Lundtofte Lamp” is ubiquitous throughout the campus - very simple in its design, it has aged very well. However, with the advent of LEDs, it was time for an upgrade.

Lighting challenges

DTU is a very large campus - more than 100 buildings are scattered across the 106-hectare area. Thousands of Lundtofte Lamps are installed in those buildings - carefully designed to be in the right places. However, as one can imagine, the energy consumption of these 40 year old fixtures is very high. DTU approached LED iBond to design and deliver a custom LED upgrade for those lamps, preserving the original look and feel of the building, but cutting down energy consumption by 40 percent.

The LED iBond solution

LED iBond’s technology is so flexible that it can be tailored to virtually any shape, and can be equipped with custom LED arrangements. This was used to great advantage when designing the custom insert for the Lundtofte Lamp: Various designs have been tested, to ensure that the illumination of the diffuser is both aesthetically pleasing and efficient. Another Challenge, as in any retrofit solution, is to ensure that the installation of the new light source can be done smoothly and quickly - thus saving time during the installation process. The quicker the install, the quicker a building or room can be used again, whilst the cost of labour can be reduced as well.

In our case, we developed a solution that magnetically attached to the body of the luminaire, only requiring the installer to detach the old cables from the sockets, wire the insert, and then fix it to the body - no screws needed.

This and the fact that we worked very closely with the project engineers gave us an edge over the competition.

The project is still ongoing, but in areas that have been upgraded, students and lecturers alike have noticed a difference to the environment, quoting it as brighter, friendlier and easier to work in.






  • Project responsible:

    DTU Campus Service

  • Installation date:

    May 2015 - ongoing

  • Luminous flux per unit:

    4018 lm

  • Wattage per unit:

    32.8 W (board)

  • Colour temperature:


  • Special features: 

    Magnetic attachment to luminaire body

  • Total Units installed:

    >200 to date