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LED iBond manufactures extremely thin LED lighting fixtures for architects and lighting designers.


office and residential solutions

The Plane is a minimalist lighting system, only 6mm thin, providing illumination for office and hospitality environments.

THE plane

Minimalist Lighting, redefined.

Available IN 8 VERSIONS.

The Plane is a unique luminaire design, incorporating not only our patented ACPLED technology, but also an all new magnetic suspension system - allowing for an easy install process, and moreover, the flexibility to change the output characteristics easily (from direct to indirect illumination).

8 versions are available - 4 in the transparent version, allowing a peek at LED iBond's patented technology, tracks being visible; and 4 in the ultra-sleek laminated version. You can choose from surface mounted, or suspended options, and the suspended option comes in either direct, indirect or directional light output.

Download the spec sheets and photometric files below! 

The Plane provides glare free illumination in studio environments.

The Magnetic Suspension system allows for quick and easy installation.