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LED iBond manufactures extremely thin LED lighting fixtures for architects and lighting designers.


The advantages of LED iBond's custom LED technology

High Quality Lighting, that is efficient, easy to install, and offers great flexibility for integration and custom designs.


LED technology has undergone rapid development in recent years. Just a few years ago, the availability of LED lighting solutions was very limited, and there was a wide variability in the quality and lifetime of the LEDs. Today the situation has improved. This development has been aided by the phasing out of incandescent bulbs and stricter requirements for energy efficiency. In general, LED lighting reduces power consumption and therefore reduces the CO2 impact and benefits the environment.

LED iBonds first patent was applied for in 2001 and represented an innovative and cutting edge lighting concept. Since then, this concept has been further developed with additional patents and patent applications.

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+ High quality, efficient lighting

LED iBond's methods allow for an alternative and more efficient distribution of light over sections and surfaces. This minimises shadow effects considerably, which is beneficial in workplaces, sports halls and tunnels. LED iBond's methods allow for incorporation of state of the art LEDs into the design.

+ Easy assembly and installation

LED iBond produces and delivers customised solutions via online production. The solutions are typically completed/prefabricated for installation, and the reduced wiring often results in a significant reduction in installation cost.

+ Long Lifetime

The unique cooling of all the LEDs means in practice a significant increase in the estimated lifetime, for example, 100,000 hours instead of the typical 50,000 hours with traditional LED solutions.

+ Flexibility enables the possibility for creation of innovative solutions

Solutions can be constructed in virtually all shapes, cuts, colours etc. Lighting can be customised to incorporate individual customers design requirements.

+ Return on investment

The examples above illustrate that LED iBond's solutions are competitive in terms of light quality, energy efficiency, maintenance and installation. This is partly due to the ability to prefabricate total solutions with less cabling, better cooling etc. The return on investment varies between 6 months and 3 years.

+ New designs and luminaire types

LED iBond markets and sells luminaire designs that set new standards in the lighting industry.

+ Light management systems

LED iBond continually develops its solutions, to provide optimal integration into systems of automated management and light control. These solutions will continue to provide all the previously mentioned benefits to the customer.