Upgraded IP rating for TRACY® and GRACY

LED iBond's patented core technology

Our two core products TRACY® and GRACY have been tested by Force Technology and achieved an IP67 rating! The test confirms resistance of dusty environments, water jets from all directions and even being 1 meter under water for 30 min. and still working accordingly.   It shows why our technology is suitable for Vertical Farming, in […]


Vertical farming layers from a distance, with leafy greens

It has become possible to build a cost-efficient vertical farm from scratch based on the right choice of technical solutions. In this paper we discover how to build a successful vertical farm using optimal conditions, such as the right climate, lighting, energy consumption etc. You can access the white paper here

Article in Byggeri + Arkitektur

Our lighting solution for Carports have been featured in Byggeri + Arkitektur! Hope you enjoy this exciting read! https://byggeri-arkitektur.dk/Innovativ-LED-loesning-gaar-haand-i-haand-med-carporte-med-solceller-paa-taget

How to Harvest Better Crops with LED Grow Lights

Vertical farming layer with leafy greens and grow light panels

Plants are sensitive to light. This sensitivity is crucial in their survival, and whether they are planted in or outdoors, they respond to light intelligently. In vertical farming, where growers use artificial light to simulate natural light rhythms, custom LED grow lights play a central role in promoting plant growth and enhancing their life quality. […]

Elretur Certificate for Producer Responsibility

LED iBond has been rewarded for taking responsibility and ensuring the reuse and recycling of electric and electronic waste! Elretur is an organization that guarantees legitimate waste streams for the authorities. They are committed to establishing an improvement and increase in recycling and reuse, by contributing to sustainable end-of-life solutions for their members’ products. As of […]

Article in Vertical Farm Daily

LED light panels Vertical farming illuminating a layer of crops, leafy greens

Our lighting solutions have been featured in @Vertical Farm Daily’s great article! 🌱 During an interview, @Nanna Vejgaard demonstrated our two LED solutions for vertical farming, Tracy and Gracy, while taking about the steps LED iBond takes in the right direction – for a greener future! Hope you enjoy this exciting read! https://www.verticalfarmdaily.com/article/9418622/sustainable-intelligent-lighting-solutions-that-comply-with-the-sdg-s/

Improve Harvests with Customized Light Recipes

Gracy, our panel for vertical farming lighting up a layer of leafy greens

Research has shown the use of LEDs over traditional lighting solutions such as fluorescent and incandescent lights have positive effects on plant growth and development. At LED iBond, we believe being able to control your LEDs easily is just as important as having them. This is because having an easily customizable and controllable lighting system […]

Purchase a Customized LED Lighting Solution

Hand holding animated circle

Choosing the right lighting is important Light is an invaluable part of our daily lives, and all of us depend on reliable lighting to get through the day. Whether we are talking about choosing perfect bulbs for a vertical farm or selecting LEDs for a large-scale project such as a carpark, gas station, or an […]

Unique Lighting Solutions for Unique Farms

Vertical farming grow lights layer with crops

Over the years, vertical farming has boomed considerably, and growers have learned to customize their vertical farms to match their exact horticulture needs. With an array of new farming technology and equipment, it is more important than ever to pick the right lighting to ensure plants will thrive. At LED iBond, we are proud of […]

Lighting Options in Nordic Minimalism

"The Plane", our bi-directional luminaire with a minimalistic style free hanging in front of a window

Nordic minimalism, a combination of Nordic style and minimalism, is quickly becoming one of the most sought after interior design concepts globally. With strong roots in Nordic practicality and the desire for harmony with nature, the concept is all about simplicity, functionality. Lighting options combine Nordic design hallmarks such as light colour palettes and natural […]

Personalising Nutritious Harvests with Vertical Farming

Vertical farming layers from a distance, with leafy greens

With the rapid urbanisation of our world, indoor vertical farming has quickly become a popular alternative to traditional farming. Since its conception, it has given farmers the ability to reap higher yields of better quality in much smaller spaces. As the global food supply chain experiences setbacks in food production and is faced with problems […]

How LED Lights can be Used in Smart Buildings

Tracy in a smart library

At the core of smart buildings are the aims to improve comfort, safety, and productivity indoors. Operations such as heating, ventilation, lighting, and security systems can be automated and centralised. This affords building owners, managers, and occupants flexibility in managing their time and spaces, creating maximum comfort with minimum effort. When users incorporate LED lights […]

Vertical Farming Technology: Our LED Grow Light System

Gracy, our panel for vertical farming lighting up a layer of leafy greens

Choosing sustainable farming technology can contribute to the core values of vertical farming—to create a better planet for future generations. Today, a wide range of vertical farming technology is available on the market. From vertical grow lights to smart shelves with technological integration, there is one noticeable trend amongst farmers: the increased use of LEDs […]

The Plane®: Cool Elegance with Bi-directional Light

The Plane, our minimalistic LED fixture illuminating an office space

Gone are the days of dark ceilings. Suspended from ceilings, bi-directional lighting elevates a space and creates a visually appealing atmosphere. At LED iBond, our innovative luminaire, The Plane®, delivers precisely this. At only 6mm with high-quality LEDs, implementation is flexible, and the fixture has been employed in showrooms, retail outlets, and offices with high […]

Applications of LED Lighting in Elevators

Elevator illuminated by LED iBond

Even though most people do not give much thought about the types of lighting used in elevators, they are an essential part of our day-to-day lives, particularly for those who live and work in multi-story buildings. LEDs from LED iBond are not only long-lasting and compact, but they also make excellent elevator lighting because of […]

Vertical Farming vs. Traditional Farming

LED light panels Vertical farming illuminating a layer of crops, leafy greens

These days, populations are increasingly moving from rural to urban areas. This is a global phenomenon, and approximately 54% of people worldwide now lives in cities. With an increasing population density and a boom in technology, vertical farming has been on the rise to feed more mouths, replacing traditional farming. Proven by studies to be […]

Create a Greener Future with Sustainable LED Lights

LED grow lights illuminating a layer of leafy greens in a vertical farm

Artificial lighting is a necessity in the modern age and the main source of electricity demand globally. While there is no way to opt out of using artificial lighting, consumers can still make smart choices to create the least detrimental environmental impact when faced with different lighting options. From usage to replacement and disposal, LED […]

Benefits of Customized LED Lighting in Production Lines

Production line illuminated by LED iBond lights at Ball Beverage Packaging

Having a smart lighting approach on production lines can increase productivity and lower operational costs. Over the years, manufacturers have realized the brilliance of LED lights for business, which includes their energy efficiency, low replacement rates, low heat output, and high quality of lighting. All of these contribute to a better fulfillment of both production […]

What is Linear Lighting and Where Can it Be Used?

Tracy, the linear lighting panel

Linear lighting is lighting that has an elongated shape, as opposed to being round or square. They often come in the form of light channels and tubes or strip lights. They are a good option for illuminating large spaces due to their wide light spread and their ability to be connected and extended indefinitely. Linear […]

6 Elements of Custom LED Lighting in Creative Spaces

Creative space lighting with the minimalistic luminaire, The Plane

Having the right type of LED lighting can greatly elevate a space, especially when it is meant for creative production and expression. Whether it is a music or art studio, a showroom, an open office, or a home office for hobbies or a side business, custom LED lighting can transform an ordinary room into a […]

The Right Lights for Vertical Farming Types and Techniques

Gracy, our panel for vertical farming lighting up a layer of leafy greens

Vertical farming is not a new phenomenon in this day and age. As urban growers expand farming locations to warehouses and shipping containers and develop new techniques to grow and harvest crops in small spaces, the LED industry has come up with innovative solutions to meet the needs of these modern farms.   The Boom […]