Lightitude Dubai

Stylish, Functional, Subtile


If you live on the far north of the globe, you know how much bright sunshine and blue skies are celebrated, no matter which season of the year.

What is the exception for some, is the norm for others. In the United Arab Emirates, the sun is shining (nearly) every day.

Our distributors in the Middle East gave us the honour of supplying the lighting for their offices – and they did so because they required lights that represent their core values – Stylish design, but also state-of-the-art performance.

Technical Facts

  • Project responsible
    Lightitude Dubai
  • Installation date
  • Units
    10 Units for work stations and reception
  • Colour temperature
  • Special features
    Individual Control of direct and indirect portion of light
    Glare Control Lens, low UGR
    Magnetic attachment for easy cleaning

The LED iBond solution

“The Plane” by LED iBond offered a new approach: with only 6 mm thickness, it does not interfere with sightlines, compared to the typical 50mm or more which often is the norm for modern office luminaires. It also offers high brightness levels, to still offer a level of contrast between the desk spaces and the natural light omnipresent in the room, creating a natural division of the room through good lighting design.

Each luminaire is individually controllable for the top and the bottom section, emitting up to 2750 lumens on each side.

Another key factor for the client was the ease of cleaning that is enabled by the magnetic connection of the panel to the ceiling mount.

We are especially proud when we make our clients happy, here is what one of the Managers at Lightitude has to say: “LED iBond was such a different solution, that we were a bit sceptical at first. We saw the samples, we liked the technology, but were not sure how it would work in a built environment. Now, with everything and us working here day in and day out, we are overwhelmed by how the lighting really defines our office – we get fantastic feedback from both our staff, and our clients!”

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