LED iBond Kitchen is now available in a kitchen store near you

Kitchen illuminated by LED iBond Kitchen in Invita Hillerod

If you haven’t seen our fantastic LED iBond Kitchen yet, you should check it out now! LED iBond Kitchen is designed with a solid aluminium core being the back-bone of the construction. It doesn’t only give you the feel and robustness known from high-end computers and mobile phones, it also allows us to use some of the most powerful and best LEDs due to an effective heat management. LED iBond Kitchen isn’t only a quality and sustainable product, but it is also stylish and has an aesthetic design that is rooted deeply in the Nordic design tradition and is manufactured in Denmark. If you aren’t convinced yet, here comes good reasons to choose LED iBond Kitchen:

  • If you are looking for easy-to-install and easy-to-clean lighting for your kitchen, LED iBond Kitchen is your new friend. It’s practically possible to install without using any tools at all.
  • If your kitchen requires a customized solution, LED iBond Kitchen is flexible and adjusts to your needs. The LED panel can be cut and/or extended to any given length – you can even cut in angles and connect the panels around corners.
  • If you’re looking for a light solution that offers plenty of high quality light with a good light distribution at a low cost, this is the one for you.If you want a light that is sustainable and will have a longer life than your kitchen, LED iBond Kitchen is
  • right choice for you.

Europe’s largest kitchen manufacture, Nobia AB, has been granted exclusivity to supply LED iBond Kitchen into kitchen and bathroom environments in the UK and the Nordic countries under the brand names (HTH, Invita, Marbodal, Sigdal, Norema. Petra, A la Carte, Keittiömaailma, Magnet, Rixonway, Gower and Commodore).

Contact your local dealer to acquire LED iBond Kitchen.

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LED iBond Kitchen is now available in a kitchen store near you