Management Team

Pia Stangerup


Phone: (+45) 5117 6701
Shareholdings: 20,000 shares via her personal holding company Stangerup Holding ApS and 1,500 warrants

Lars Frederiksen

CTO and Co-founder

Year of birth: 1953
Appointed: July 2014
Education: Chartered Surveyor (Cand. Geom.)

Experience: Lars has been a business entrepreneur, business leader and investor in the greentech industry since 1994. His experience includes R&D, technical solutions and business management typically driving companies from the early stage of an idea into promising market growth, including the placement of such companies in exit opportunities or similar.

Lars has been a board member of many greentech companies and has invested in several such companies.

Phone: (+45) 2814 0294
Shareholdings: 1,548,420 shares via his holding company CIS Consult ApS and 3,620 warrants. His wife owns 9,932 shares personally.

Henrik Søie Jørgensen


Phone: (+45) 4010 7909
Shareholdings: None

Henrik Fabricius

VP Sales, Vertical Farming

Phone: (+45) 8161 7910
Shareholdings: Warrants: 2.357

Claus Bondo Jørgensen

Production & QA Director

Phone: (+45) 2968 1671
Shareholdings: Warrants: 837

Michael Bo Knudsen

Product Development Director

Phone: (+45) 4029 9033
Shareholdings: Warrants: 837