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How using LED lights can save money for companies [13/08/2021] Running a successful company goes beyond dedication and grit. It also comes down to the finer details concerning employee well-being and business operations daily, such as making smart workplace lighting choices. LED lights have been contributing to major savings for businesses with their low energy consumption and long service lives. Along with LED iBond’s lighting innovations, bulbs can also be replaced in seconds. With energy-efficient LED lighting, companies are not only saving in operational costs but also increasing revenue with improved employee performance and higher productivity. Read on to learn more about the industries that are benefiting from LED technology today.

Types of indoor LED lighting solutions [06/08/2021] Year-round, indoor lighting systems are a staple in modern life and allow users to live, work, and play with ease and comfort. Below, LED iBond explains the three main types of indoor LED lighting and their defining characteristics: ambient lighting lights up a room in its entirety, task lighting focuses its illumination on one spot, and accent lighting adds a touch of personality in every room. We also discuss the variety of ceiling and wall fixtures available for each lighting type and suggest three common considerations a user should take into account when choosing indoor lights.

Advantages of LEDs compared to traditional lighting solutions [21/07/2021]

Go greener with LED lighting solutions [25/06/2021] In recent years, as calls for the use of sustainable lighting are made, LED technology has quickly become a staple in homes, offices, retail spaces, and more.

How LED grow lights improve efficiency in vertical farming [17/06/2021]

Why smart shelves make such an excellent lighting solution [04/06/2021]

PuriZAP from LED iBond effectively inactivates coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) [17/02/2021]

Two promotions [02/02/2021]

New CCO with strong international sales background [03/12/2020]

New OEM agreement for shelf-and-lighting panels for industrial vertical farming [08/10/2020]

LED iBond introduces replaceable LEDs for elevator ceilings and light fixtures [17/09/2020]

New order for UV-C LED-based disinfection systems for airport security checkpoints [15/09/2020]

Dansk investorsession [03/06/2020]

See Far; A project to improve the quality of life of people with visual impairments [16/09/2019]

See Far Project – 2nd Plenary Meeting [11/07/2019] 2nd Plenary Meeting

See Far Project – Horizon2020 [21/05/2019] LED iBond is one of 12 partners in the See Far Project – a low-cost, non-invasive digital solution incorporating the "See-Far" Smart Glasses and a mobile app.

TRACY SPOT – Illuminating Skive Path Bridge [15/03/2019] Intelligent belysning på Skive Bro - Danmarks længste træbro

LED iBond featured in Danish business magazine POTENTIALE [05/01/2019]

LUX Awards 2018 [05/12/2018] Fantastic night at the LUX Awards 2018!

LED iBond Kitchen is now available in a kitchen store near you! [10/10/2018]


Looking for a new Key Account Manager- German speaking and with experience in the elevator industry [10/08/2018] LED iBond is looking for a new Key Account Manager with experience within the elevator industry!

The year of growth [01/01/2018]

Transforming a library into a digital playground [06/10/2017]


Tracy – lighting solution [14/02/2017] Designed for the Future


Social Media [02/02/2017] - We are now live

LED iBond at Ajour 2016 [23/11/2016] We are attending.

New Datasheets available online [04/10/2016]

L+B 2016 [18/03/2016] - Thank you for visiting

Good Morning Frankfurt [13/03/2016]