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Why LEDs make the perfect gas station lighting [12/01/2022] Gas stations often operate 24/7 and businesses need to consider multiple factors when choosing the perfect lighting to support daily operation. LEDs have become a popular choice in recent years as they are small and highly customizable. They can be used in flexible and attractive designs, and their long lifespan also gives them a competitive edge.

Create a smart home with LED lighting [] Over the years, technological advancements have led to an increase in the use of smart home devices. In the realm of smart lighting, these include a surge in the use of LEDs and smart light fixtures, shelves, and panels. To meet these demands, LED iBond has created our own durable, recyclable, and slim LED panels that can be fitted as part of larger smart home lighting systems. We believe while smart lighting can increase homeowners' comfort, convenience, and safety, luminaires can be ecologically friendly and cost-efficient.

Applications of UV-C LED disinfection lights [] UV-C disinfection lights have been used as early as the mid-20th century, and they remain a popular choice today. With the advancement in lighting technology, UV-C LED lights have dominated the market and can now be found in most indoor and outdoor spaces. With long lifespans and effective disinfectant rates, LED iBond’s innovative UV-C disinfection lights can be used in hospitals, airport security checkpoints, in the home, and more.

Lighting options in Nordic minimalism [11/01/2022] Nordic minimalism, a combination of Nordic style and minimalism, is quickly becoming one of the most sought after interior design concepts globally. With strong roots in Nordic practicality and the desire for harmony with nature, the concept is all about simplicity, functionality. Lighting options combine Nordic design hallmarks such as light colour palettes and natural materials to create ultimate comfort in the home.

Harvest better crops with LED grow lights [24/11/2021] Plants are sensitive to light. This sensitivity is crucial in their survival, and whether they are planted in or outdoors, they respond to light intelligently. In vertical farming, where growers use artificial light to simulate natural light rhythms, custom LED grow lights play a central role in promoting plant growth and enhancing their life quality. In some cases, perfecting a plant’s ‘light recipe’ can even cultivate better harvests in terms of yield, quality, and taste.

The right lights for vertical farming types and techniques [] Vertical farming is not a new phenomenon in this day and age. As urban growers expand farming locations to warehouses and shipping containers and develop new techniques to grow and harvest crops in small spaces, the LED industry has come up with innovative solutions to meet the needs of these modern farms.

How to start vertical farming [22/11/2021] Vertical farming as an industry has boomed due to the increasing urbanisation of the world. With less open space for traditional horizontal farms, growers started turning to this practice to make the most out of small spaces. These days, it has become possible to build a vertical farm from scratch, and almost anybody can do so. Read on to discover the optimal conditions for farming.

Benefits of customized LED lighting on production lines [] Having a smart lighting approach on production lines can increase productivity and lower operational costs. Over the years, manufacturers have realized the brilliance of LED lights for business, which includes their energy efficiency, low replacement rates, low heat output, and high quality of lighting. All of these contribute to a better fulfillment of both production and employee needs, higher operational efficiency, and lower operational costs in the long term. For manufacturers looking for an upgrade for their factory floors, integrating LEDs in their production line lighting is a must. Below, we take a look at the four major benefits in detail.

What is linear lighting and where can it be used? [] Linear lighting is lighting that has an elongated shape, as opposed to being round or square. They often come in the form of light channels and tubes or strip lights. They are a good option for illuminating large spaces due to their wide light spread and their ability to be connected and extended indefinitely. Linear light fixtures can be installed in three main ways—mounted on surfaces, suspended in air, or built into, or ‘recessed’ in, surfaces. Regardless, they are a popular choice in many spaces, such as offices, gas stations, elevators, and more. Read on to discover their applications in detail.

6 elements of custom LED lighting in creative spaces [] Having the right type of LED lighting can greatly elevate a space, especially when it is meant for creative production and expression. Whether it is a music or art studio, a showroom, an open office, or a home office for hobbies or a side business, custom LED lighting can transform an ordinary room into a place that encourages creatives to reach their full potential. LEDs have long been the superior lighting solution, and in this article, we consider six lighting elements that can be considered for customization. These are lighting hues, brightness, saturation, beam direction, lighting fixtures, and technological integration. Read on to discover how to optimize these elements.

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How using LED lights can save money for companies [13/08/2021] Running a successful company goes beyond dedication and grit. It also comes down to the finer details concerning employee well-being and business operations daily, such as making smart workplace lighting choices. LED lights have been contributing to major savings for businesses with their low energy consumption and long service lives. Along with LED iBond’s lighting innovations, bulbs can also be replaced in seconds. With energy-efficient LED lighting, companies are not only saving in operational costs but also increasing revenue with improved employee performance and higher productivity. Read on to learn more about the industries that are benefiting from LED technology today.

Types of indoor LED lighting solutions [06/08/2021] Year-round, indoor lighting systems are a staple in modern life and allow users to live, work, and play with ease and comfort. Below, LED iBond explains the three main types of indoor LED lighting and their defining characteristics: ambient lighting lights up a room in its entirety, task lighting focuses its illumination on one spot, and accent lighting adds a touch of personality in every room. We also discuss the variety of ceiling and wall fixtures available for each lighting type and suggest three common considerations a user should take into account when choosing indoor lights.

Advantages of LEDs compared to traditional lighting solutions [21/07/2021]

Go greener with LED lighting solutions [25/06/2021] In recent years, as calls for the use of sustainable lighting are made, LED technology has quickly become a staple in homes, offices, retail spaces, and more.

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