Aesthetic design, superb quality of light


The super-slim, aesthetic design of LED iBond’s Atrium is easy, fast and intuitive to install. Atrium is made with our patented technology, ensuring an unsurpassed lifetime of the luminaire and meaning you don’t have to worry about maintenance costs.

In the past, traditional atrium lighting solutions were designed to fulfill one task only: enable visibility in a working environment and make it somewhat safe. Most lighting equipment used for the task was bulky, heavy, and therefore difficult to install.

LED iBond’s Atrium is a paradigm shift in the design of atrium lighting. It goes far beyond the basic functional requirements and delivers superb quality of light, with excellent color rendering as well as color temperatures. This enables a safer working environment and can also improve employee efficiency.


  • Smooth surfaces and slim design make Atrium easy to clean
  • High efficiency, sustainable LED technology means you save on consumption while reducing CO2 emission
  • Compatible with most dimming and control systems, Atrium makes it possible to dim, manage and optimize your light operation

Our Atrium is different - in many ways

  • The panel is only 6mm thin – easy to install, minimum space requirements
  • Superb efficiency – reducing the amount of energy costs and number of light fittings
  • High quality of light – Good colour rendering and comfortable colour temperatures enable a safer working environment that allows employees to perform their tasks better and faster

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