Vertical Farming

LED grow light system


LED iBond introduces a shelf & rack system with integrated LED grow light for Vertical Farming.

Create close vertical layers of healthy, tasty crops with LED iBond’s OEM shelf & rack vertical farming solution featuring integrated LED grow light of the highest quality – it’s flexible, moveable, and the LED lights offer an unsurpassed lifespan.


LED iBond’s OEM shelf & rack vertical farming system is an innovative approach to efficient growth of all sorts of plants using patented LED growth light technology.
The main component is the shelf with integrated LEDs of the highest quality. The number and colour of the LEDs are customizable to fit the needs of the customer depending on the choice of plants.

Example: 8 x Deep Red LEDs, 4 x Royal Blue LEDs and 2 x High Power White LEDs – a combination suitable for one client. However, all sorts of coloured growth light is possible, also all white LEDs simulating natural sun light.

The supporting component, the rack, is essential for keeping the shelf secure and building the vertical layers. The rack will be custom-made to fit the needs and desires of the customer.


You can use this vertical farming shelf & rack system at practically any indoor location with access to electrical power: indoor green houses, indoor industrial space, supermarkets, and even logistic handling in transportation of plants.
Use it for high scale commercial vertical farming, use it for efficient and easy transportation of plants in containers and trucks or use it to showcase fresh produce.

In cooperation with Senmatic A/S

This Vertical Farming system is sold in cooperation with Senmatic A/S. For more information about LED iBond’s innovative Vertical Farming grow light system please contact Henrik Fabricius, VP Sales, Vertical Farming, at phone number (+45) 8161 7910 or at e-mail

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6 mm slim shelf with integrated LED grow light

Innovative LED grow lights for healthy crops


The benefits of using LED iBonds patented technology behind the integrated LED growth light are many.

The LEDs are of the highest quality and the aluminum panels, inside the shelf in which the LEDs are embedded, offer ideal cooling of the LEDs. This is why we can achieve unsurpassed lifespan of our LED lights.

The technology is based on an open platform and will easily interface with any other platform or green house management system. Also, the technology is prepared for Internet of Things (IoT) integration of third party products such as USB-ports, IoT sensors, IoT drivers, cameras, etc.

The operating economy of the farm is significantly improved with the shelf & rack system. This is because LED growth light is the largest single capital investment for a vertical farm (approx. 100 watt per shelf m2). With its high efficiency, improved cooling, low LED temperature and a long lifespan, the shelf & rack system is likely to improve the profit margin of a vertical farm by 10-15 % during operation.