PuriZAP handheld LED UV-C device

PuriZAP® with TRACY® integration

PuriZAP® is a handheld LED UV-C device that effectively eliminates viruses and bacteria. Disinfects surfaces in seconds – also those that cannot be disinfected with alcohol. PuriZAP® does not contain mercury and LED-technology ensures long lifetime.

Inside PuriZAP® the 6 mm slim TRACY® panel is perfectly placed for an easy use.  

PuriZAP® has been tested on coronavirus (SARS CoV-2) at the University of Southern Denmark. The test showed that PuriZAP® – at a 12 to 100 mm distance – deactivated 99.03-99.94% of all virions after 1-5 seconds of treatment. After 10 seconds of treatment at a 100 mm distance, no viable virus particles could be detected (> 99.97% reduction).


  • Quick and effective virus disinfection
  • PuriZAP® disinfects up to 99.97% in seconds
  • PuriZAP® has been tested  by
  • Can be used on all surfaces and can be used where alcohol cannot – for example on keyboards
  • Battery powered and easy to use
  • Slim and ergonomic design makes
  • PuriZAP® easy to handle and use everywhere
  • Light weight – one kg without power supply
  • Ergonomic support knob – as additional acquisition
  • LED technology ensures long lifespan of the device
  • PuriZAP® lasts more than 20,000 hours
  • Works 100% immediately when turned on – No pre-heating required
  • Can be turned on and off indefinitely without wear
  • Low environmental impact compared to UV-C devices with fluorescent tubes

Tested by independent research centre

Specifications PuriZAP

Technology LED UV-C disinfection for build-in by OEM
Material Aluminum
Lenght 105mm – 1800mm
UV-C radiation power 32mW (at 500 mA, Tj app 60C) 50mW (at 500 mA, Tj app 25C)
Power consumption 3,0 mW / LED spot
Disinfection rate mJ/cm2 99,99%
UV wavelength 270-280 nm
UV-C lifetime 12.000 hrs (B50P70)
Country of Origin Denmark
UN SDG 13 - Climate action


As a leading technology developer, LED iBond facilitates and supports the propagation of energy-saving LED-technology for climate improvements.

UN SDG 9 - Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure


LED iBond’s technology is available as an open-source platform to everybody, encouraging innovation and proliferation of energy efficiency and climate improvement solutions.

The story behind TRACY®   

Invented by a visionary engineer, TRACY® is an ultra-slim extendable lighting panel that serves as both an electrical conductor and LED lighting panel, thus minimizing the need for cables. 

The lighting solution is also more sustainable than other, traditional lighting solutions. Choosing aluminum as the main material generates benefits such as a long lifespan and high recyclability. 

Tracy, the linear lighting panel

What do our clients say?

Bluetop x LED iBond carport lighting solution

See how we created a lighting solution for Bluetop and how Tracy Industry matched perfectly
“With LED iBond, we have a subcontractor who can deliver stably and safely.
This enables us to sell Tracy® Home for kitchens to private customers and construction projects such as the new apartment building Frederiksbro in Hillerød.

Quote: Mads Bilø, Invita Hillerød