See far project horizon 2020

Eyes with glasses

LED iBond is one of 12 partners in the See Far Project – a low-cost, non-invasive digital solution incorporating the “See-Far” Smart Glasses and a mobile app.

The See Far project aims to develop and validate a digitally enabled adaptive solution supporting ageing workforce with vision loss, an age-related condition, to remain actively involved in professional life, helping them to sustain and renew their work and personal life related skills and support independent active and healthy lifestyles.

The See Far solution consists of two components:

See Far smart glasses where the display lenses are adapted to the needs of the users and optimize their view. In order for this to be achieved a personalized visual assistant is developed capturing the condition of the eye, detecting the problem and provide the appropriate adjustment through the integration of augmented reality technologies. See Far smart glasses empower older adults to solve the most meaningful problems, transform how they design, build, maintain and collaborate in their organization, perceive the world conveniently and enjoy a safer exploration in an indoor/outdoor environment.

See Far mobile application allowing monitoring of the central vision evolution and prediction of the risk for the presence of diseases (i.e. diabetes risk, cardiovascular risk). It will capture retinal images, through a digital direct ophthalmoscope attached in the smartphone, analyze the images (Image Analysis Component), and detect the type and the stage of vision impairment (Decision Support Component).

The combination of the output of the See Far mobile application (indicator of the presence of a visual or not problem) with the output of the See Far smart glasses (type of daily visual issues the user has and his/her behavior) will lead to the provision of suggestions, through augmented reality, to the user supporting independent active and healthy lifestyles.

The suggestions will be adaptive to the profile of the user through the Personalized visual recommendation service.

The project is administered under the Horizon2020 program.

Visit the See Far website for more information: click here

See far project horizon 2020