Illuminated IoT: The Lifeforce of your Healthcare Environment


Few environments on the planet are as light-sensitive as those in Healthcare. Whether it is the need to guide patients intelligently through a building, or illuminate work areas that need to be 100% sanitary, LED iBond has a track record of enhancing Heathcare environments.

Solutions include

  • Intelligent corridor and stairwell lighting
  • Elevator ceilings and lights
  • Floor grazers for orientation and night lighting
  • Overhead reception as well as under counter lighting
  • IoT-enabled LED Linear Lighting which can enable devices such as motion sensors and thermostats for environmental control

Benefits include

  • Ease of cleaning, can be removed sanitized and replaced in seconds
  • Ease of installation, minimum construction disturbance, especially when retrofitting
  • Enable high efficiency lighting in cramped areas where other fixtures cannot fit
  • Low maintenance and long life in critical areas

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