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Welcome your visitors with smart, efficient and stylish illumination


LED iBond opens a world of possibilities to hospitality companies that are driven to create modern, smart and connected spaces.

Nothing sets the mood in a hospitality setting quite like the light. In fact, light is mission-critical in restaurants and hotels to give the space a personality. Not only can LED iBond deliver the perfect solution for high efficiency LED lighting – we can deliver an open platform that can serve as the infrastructure to make a completely IoT-enabled, smart environment.

Imagine a smart restaurant in which the lighting system can, without any extra electrical connections, deliver USB charging points, or even empower a wide range of IoT-enabled devices to better serve visitors.

Hospitality Solutions include

  • High intensity, efficient reception areas
  • Lines of light for general lighting, which also serve as an IoT enabled infrastructure
  • Powerful under-shelf lighting, for example, used in bars
  • Wall, floor and ceiling grazing
  • Meeting rooms
  • Atriums
  • Elevators
  • Counter, horizontal and point-of-payment lighting

Benefits include

  • Ability to maintain the full interactive feel of a hospitality venue, using controllable LED lighting scheme
  • Slim design and simple electrical connectivity opens a world of sleek, stylish design possibilities – with light, electricity and IoT connectivity built in
  • Ability to offer lighting and USB charging points, all in one slim panel, as a discrete yet design-savvy way to offer power to patrons
  • Can be laminated with graphics for customized solutions
  • Serves as effective, high intensity, high efficiency light in reception areas and payment points
  • Quick ROI when replacing existing conventional lighting, due to immediate savings on consumption
  • Possibility to include in signage due to flexibility of material
  • Can serve as a general lighting solution as well as an infrastructure for IoT devices such as motion sensors, thermostats, etc.

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