Office & Public Spaces

Flexibility, efficiency and aesthetics in one super-slim light source.


Whether for human comfort or safety, LED iBond products are so flexible that they can be installed in places with a minimum of fitting space, still providing precise and controllable light where needed. What’s more, the lighting scheme itself can also double as the IoT infrastructure that can enable a wide range of IoT devices, from motion sensors to facial recognition technology. This combination opens a world of possibilities when making smart buildings and smart offices and cloud connecting them to create smart cities.

Solutions include

  • Lines of light, for general light as well as an IoT-enabled infrastructure to empower a variety of smart devices
  • Desk, reception and meeting room lighting
  • Corridor and stairwell lighting
  • Fixture upgrades
  • Emergency lighting, which is also IoT enabled and can be used with devices for self monitoring
  • High-ceiling general light
  • Unique and customized possibilities for upgrading conventional lighting

Benefits include

  • Create interactive spaces, deliver lighting and functionality which intelligently adjust to the needs of the environment.
  • Provides an open platform for intelligent public spaces as well as office environments
  • Safety lighting can be installed or integrated into any space, regardless of how tight
  • Quick ROI when replacing existing conventional lighting, due to immediate savings on consumption
  • Architectural integration into spaces, either by integrated light or minimal visual disturbance
  • IoT-enabled platform allows for use with devices that collect data and have connectivity to cloud

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