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Smart selling, empower your retail space with illuminated IoT.


Imagine a sales space that, not only uses vibrant display lighting to attract shoppers to enter, but also helps guide them through the shop. With LED iBond’s IoT enabled solution, retail spaces are given the potential to combine light, electricity and data in a way that adds intelligence into the sales environment and enables the collection of data. What’s more, this intelligence can also be used for solutions which can, for example collect store traffic information, adjust lighting settings, and guide shoppers to the zones of the retail space which generate maximum profit.

Solutions include

  • Integrated shelf lighting
  • High intensity, efficient window displays
  • Lines of light for general lighting, which also serve as an IoT enabled infrastructure
  • Powerful under shelf lighting
  • Counter, horizontal and point-of-payment lighting
  • High-ceiling general light
  • Unique and customized possibilities for shop-in-shop displays

Benefits include

  • Brightest, most simple-to-install way of creating a window display that shines
  • Shelf lighting that is both track lighting and IoT-enabled “track in shelf” as a platform to create a smart shop
  • Can be laminated with graphics for customized solutions
  • Serves as effective, high intensity, high efficiency light in reception areas and payment points
  • Quick ROI when replacing existing conventional lighting, due to immediate savings on consumption
  • Possibility to include in signage due to flexibility of material
  • Can serve as a general lighting solution as well as an infrastructure for IoT devices such as motion sensors, thermostats, etc.

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