Light + Data + Connectivity = Smart Environments


LED iBond is better than most prepared for the ongoing branch shift between the light and IT sectors, where the 2 sectors looking ahead are increasingly seen as one sector, cf. figure below.

LED iBond’s IPR and patents cover the combination of electronic products and sandwich structures, including the use of:

  • LEDs
  • Sensors
  • USB ports
  • Antennas
  • Cameras
  • Microphones
  • Speakers
  • Etc.


The benefits not only include better heat dissipation and a flexible, efficient supply of electrical power to the electronic components, but also cover data communication through the individual electrically conductive layers in the sandwich structure.

This means that light systems increasingly will become intelligent and computer-controlled, like electrical components increasingly will be integrated into lamps and lamp systems. LED iBond has developed and manufactured products that are prepared for further integration of IT hardware and software, including IoT functionality.

For example, Tracy has the same electrical capacity as a 14 mm copper cable diameter and can provide electrical power for not only LED lighting, but also for all other electronic devices built into Tracy either directly or via optional modules that can be connected to Tracy®.

LED iBond’s products are thus prepared to integrate all possible 3rd party products. Therefore, Tracy® is:

  • a super conducting wire in itself
  • a light panel and
  • a possible new connection to the outside world, for example in the form of a USB or terminal connector


Both Tracy® and ACP solutions can benefit from the possibility of sending data directly through the electrically conductive layers, creating completely new possibilities, including Power Line Communication (PLC) between devices connected into the sandwich structures.

LED iBond’s patents include the use of all of the mentioned electronic components as well as data communication through the electrically conductive layers.