In contrast to conventional LED lighting companies, who utilize a PCB, heatsink, housing and driver in conjunction with their LED’s, we invented and patented a “sandwich” system.  Our system, in which the LED is placed between two Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP’s), has enabled us to create LED lighting in panels that are only 6mm thick.

The panels

Aluminium Composite Panels (ACPs) have been used as a building material for decades. In short, an ACP consists of two thin layers of aluminium bonded by a non-metal core, with a typical thickness of only 6mm. They combine excellent mechanical properties with very low weight. And just like an LED, an ACP is a very sustainable material – it can be fully recycled, and can even be made of recycled material. Furthermore, Aluminium is a good conductor for both heat and electricity. In fact, most conventional LED heatsinks are made of aluminium.

The combination

LED iBond’s patented technology combines LEDs and ACPs. The ACP’s aluminium skins are used to transmit the electrical current to the LEDs, and likewise offer plenty of space to act as a very efficient heatsink.

Being smart, keeping it simple

Since LED iBond products are not bound by conventional circuit boards, we can create a much smaller, lighter and efficient package – our LED elements are designed to fit right into the ACP, keeping the overall thickness at 6mm. It also creates a much simpler, more reliable package.

Added flexibility

By not being bound to the availability of fixtures and PCBs (which in most cases come from third party manufacturers) LED iBond can offer unparalleled flexibility, and offer prototypes much quicker than anyone else. We can also create shapes that have never been seen before by using a very minimalist approach to our product design.

Do you want to know more?

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