Transforming library digital playground

DTU smart library illuminated by our linear lighting panel, Tracy

We have recently installed our Tracy® Spot solution, at the library of The Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

Tracy® Spot ensures a highly efficient and controllable lighting, whilst also being an inspirational factor to the students.

In certain areas, the students will be able to adjust the colour temperature and light intensity and in the future Tracy® will enable the use of sensors to measure the working environment at the library, which the students will be able to observe, monitor and utilize in their academic endeavours.

The library space will be an indoor living lab, where students, researchers and entrepreneurs can develop, test and demonstrate SMART technologies, analyze the collected data and conduct research- and student projects, whilst optimizing the indoor climate, lighting and acoustics and thereby boost their learning capabilities.

Consequently, the library truly becomes a technological playground!

Transforming library digital playground