Distributed Toplighting for Indoor Farming

The new generation linear LED grow lights with excellent light uniformity and low energy consumption

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Let us introduce HORTISABER

the new 2nd generation LED toplights with market leading light uniformity and energy efficiency

The HORTISABER linear toplight system is a totally new design that meet demands from modern indoor farming growers for
excellent light uniformity, customized spectre and low power consumption. 

The linear IP67 rated HORTISABER grow lights replaces traditional toplights one-to-one reducing energy consumption with up to 40%.

With LED iBond’s lighting control system, you can further optimize the yield and reduce power consumption.




Excellent light uniformity

High Efficacy - up to 3.6 μmol/J

Customizable light spectrum and micromol

Easy installation directly on the greenhouse beams due to
self-supporting fixture

Replaces tradional toplights

Adjust lux and lumen with LED iBond's light control system or e.g. DALI

2, 3 or 6 meter panels

Water and dust resistant

> 90% product recyclability


The HORTISABER system offer standard spectra optimized for each phase of plant growth
and can be customizable for specific needs.

Sprouting Phase

Growth Phase

Pre-Harvest Phase


HORTISABER can be connected to LED iBond’s advanced light management solution and communicate with existing greenhouse climate control systems.

LED iBond’s Light Management Solution provides greenhouse growers with a valuable new tool to optimize production yield and reduce cost based on adaptive light control using actual electricity price, weather forecast, and monitoring of daylight.


Light distribution and homogenity

The linear HORTISABER light panels provides both significantly better light uniformity and homogenity reducing shadows and areas with low light intensity than traditional top light fixtures.

Better μ-mol level at lower energy consumption  

The HORTISABER grow light panels replaces traditional HPS toplight or first generation LED toplight fixtures one-to-one.

The μ-mol/m2/sec level is maintained without increasing the energy consumption.


Traditional toplights

Concentrated light and poor homogenity.

Area: 12 x 12 m

Fixture: 12 x HPS

umol/w: 1,2

Power consumption per fixture: 600 W



Excellent light distribution and high uniformity.

Area: 12 x 12 m

Fixture: 12 x 6m HORTISABER panels

umol/w: 3,0

Power consumption per panel: 320 W

HORTISABER Horticulture Grow Light

Technology LED
Material Aluminum body, Acryllic lens (PMMA)
Length (options) 200, 300 or 600 cm
Height x width 12,3 cm x 7,2 cm
Grow Light Spectra Customizable according to crop life cycle
Light Control App or common light control systems e.g. DALI
Supply voltage 230/400 Volt
UN SDG 13 - Climate action


As a leading technology developer, LED iBond facilitates and supports the propagation of energy-saving LED-technology for climate improvements.

Frequent Questions

The HORTISABER Grow Light system has by deign a lower power consumption than first generation LED-based top lights.

You can safe even more and optimize your yield by using an intelligent light control system that manages light in zones or taking factors like daylight-level into consideration.
Light control features are available as an option for the HORTISABER Horticulture solution. 

Using a optimized grow light spectra customized to the crop life cycle and type of plants, you can speed up the growth period significantly.  

The HORTISABER solution offers a broad selection of specialized light spectra for every need.

We at LED iBond can advise you how to design an efficient grow light solution and selelecting the optimal light spectra covering your specific need in your greenhouse or vertical farm.

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We are taking up the battle against useless plastic strips and other poor quality light panels.

The HORTISABER-solutions low energy consumption significantly reduces the CO2 emission. Our solution is made of 100% recycled aluminum and 96.6% of the product is recyclable.

We are comittet to constantly improving our products towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly solution and to use as little plastic as possible.

The HORTISABER system is a high quality product developed and manufactured in Denmark:

  • Made of aluminum
  • IP67 rating making it weather, water and dust resistant 
  • Chemical resistant
  • Easy to clean with smooth surface
  • Low heat transmission not exeeding 30°C the plants.

The 6 meter (20 feet) long HORTISABER linear light fixture is self-supporting and can be mounted directly onto existing greenhouse roof beams.

Installation do not need any dedicated metal beams along the light panel for mounting as required by any other traditional toplight.

The HORTISABER is self-supporting and the fixtures need only 2 mounting points per 5-6 meter span.

The HORTISABER can be mounted in rows to fit any size of Greenhouse.

Are you ready to learn more about HORTISABER distributed toplight solution – the perfect grow light solution for your greenhouse?
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