Lighting Control For Greenhouses

Improve your greenhouse efficiency with adaptive lighting control technology

LED iBond’s adaptive Light Management Solution provide Greenhouse growers with a valuable new tool to predict and optimize production yield and reduce cost.

The solution range starts with simple recipe based light control over actual electricity price and weather forecast optimization to advanced cloud-based adaptive lighting control technologies, controlled via pc, a tablet or a mobile phone.

Developed for modern greenhouses


  • Consistent crop production – on time
  • Promotes energy savings and CO2 reduction 
  • Savings on electricity cost 
  • Automatically adapts to changes in weather – both long term and short term 
  • Maximize the use of the supplement lighting with increased yield
  • Automatic adaptive optimization throughout the year
  • Easy to use via app or tablet
  • Remote support and dashboard overview
Horticulture Lighting Solutions

How it works

The Right Light for the crops and plants

Depending on the specific crop or plant, the desired growth recipe in terms of elements such as target for daily light integral, length of daily photoperiod and setting for the duration of the plant’s various growth phases until expected harvest, are all entered in the Light Management Solution’s computer.

Dymanic Power Savings

The Light management solution monitors sunlight throughout the greenhouse with various sensors, gather weather forecast, access info on upcoming electricity pricing, and predictions about the long-term pricing for electricity. 

Predict and adapt

1.       The adaptive solution performs on-going computations using an exclusive algorithm to ascertain the optimal timing and intensity of light required from the lighting arrangement in order to achieve the desired Daily Light Integral (DLI) and at the same time the minimized use of energy, CO2, and cost. 

Features HortiSave

Additional Features

LED iBond offers additional solutions for monitoring of environmental parameters (CO2/HUMIDITY/TEMPERATURE) throughout greenhouse. The solution uses battery driven sensors that can be placed in various zones across different sectors of the greenhouse.

This software suit HortiInfo provides and historical overview of the recorded data from all sensors deployed.

Solution High Lights

Automatic adaptive optimization throughout the year

The algorithm consider the full growth cycles with all its phases along with the expected natural light and pricing for electricity long-term, and not only opimizes the lighting on a day-to-day basis.

If the electricity prices are, e.g., expected to increase next week, the algorithm will likely increase the DLI short term to save cost the following week and still maintain the planned date for completion of the crop for harvesting.

The algorithm operates within the boundaries of the recipes for the specific plant combined with the Growers input of flexibility for completion of the complete growth phase. The adaptive algorithm can adjust its control algorithm to capture the changes throughout the year without need for any manual changes to the configuration – in all circumstances, the algorithm will minimize the use of energy and CO2 and reduce cost for electricity.

Excellent dashboard overview and remote support

LED iBond offers remote access and support to the Light Management solution and can help the Grower with the initial configuration or desired changes based on the desired recipes and plants or crops in focus.

The solution also offers an excellent dashboard overview and daily email notifications with status to the Grower if desired.

Robust and powerful industry computer

LED iBond’s lighting management solution is based on an industry robust and powerful computer linked with various wireless and wired interfaces to form a hardware platform to host our algorithms and AI-technology. The platform connects to our cloud over the internet and generates a local wi-fi network to give you access to the data and the user interface, and dashboard overview via a smart phone or tablet.

The platform takes readings from various light sensors throughout the greenhouse, connects to weather forecasts data in the cloud, and does all required calculations, produces a signal to control the supplement lights. Al historic data is stored in the LED iBond Cloud as basis for learning and further optimization of the control algorithm.  

Climate Action

As a leading technology developer, LED iBond facilitates and supports the propagation of energy-saving LED-technology for climate improvements.

Light Control systems Promotes energy savings and CO2 reduction

UN SDG 13 - Climate action