Office Space lighting solution

TRACY® Design & The Plane® are perfect for office spaces

Adjustable lighting and aesthetic design are key elements in office environments. Our innovative lighting solutions for offices do just that.

The Plane® is a slim LED fixture that seems to float in the air. The design is industrial minimalism, and the light is adjustable down- or upwards.

TRACY® Design is a 6 mm linear LED panel, that builds into almost any desired geometric shape or length.

The two compliments each other and create office lighting with no compromises.

Made in Denmark.

UN SDG 13 - Climate action


As a leading technology developer, LED iBond facilitates and supports the propagation of energy-saving LED-technology for climate improvements.

Made of aluminum
96.6% of TRACY® can be recycled

TRACY® Design & The Plane

Design Options:

TRACY® Design

A world of opportunities. Get an illuminated and connected lighting system with an award- winning design.

Unique luminaire, The Plane

The Plane®

Slim LED fixture that seems to float in the air. Lighting is adjustable down- or upwards.

Specifications The Plane®

Technology LED
Material ACP, Polyethylene and Aluminum
Dimensions 150 x 1100 mm
Height 6 mm
Color temperature 3000K or 4000K
Light control Wireless option
Dimmable Yes
TRACY® Design
Creative Light Installations

Specifications TRACY® Design

Technology LED
Material Aluminum
Length 300mm – 1800mm
Height 6 mm (7 mm, water protection)
IP IP20 or IP67
Color temperature 3000 or 4000K
Luminous flux 200 lm / LED spot (max 470 lm)
Power consumption 1,5 W / LED spot (max 3,6 W)
Dimmable Yes

Customized in any color

Our standard color is SILVER due to the raw aluminum. We are able to deliver in any color and can match to the illuminated environment.


What do our customers say?

B2 x LED iBond Design lighting solution

See how B2 created a beautiful lighting solution out of TRACY® Design

With TRACY® panel in black, it gives us even more possibilities to create lighting solutions to our clients. Now we can choose between Silver and Black when we design. It gives us room to be more creative and to find that optimal lighting solution that fit our clients need.

Quote: B2 Lighting Management