Advanced and flexible Lighting Control

Optimize energy saving and safety

LED iBond offers a range of light control and management solutions designed to dynamically optimize light flux in i.e. parking areas, depending on vehicle or people movement, daylight level and time of day to complete lighting scenarios for an entire area.

The dynamic lighting control solution helps you maximize energy savings and enhance safety in your parking garage or carport.


Get the right light when you need it!

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Key Benefits

  • Simple but powerful self-contained plug-and-play solution
  • Energy saving by up to 80%
  • Increased safety 
  • Simple installation
  • Upgadeable 
  • Motion and daylight detection sensors
  • Daylight and time controlled lighting
  • Grouping and zone control
  • Advanced logic across zones
  • Fully programmable lighting scanario
  • Programming on-site via remote control or tablet
  • Battery back-up for emergency lighting
  • DALI V2.0 support

Levels of lighting control


With the Basic solution you can let movement and daylight sensors reduce light level, energy consumption and maintenance costs while extending the lifetime of the installation. Easy programming on-site via a remote control.


The Smart-solution let’s you group parking areas into zones and dim the light in specific areas depending on the a time of day or use intelligent daylight sensors to regulate the brightness of the light when the lux becomes to low. That is convenient and saves energy.


The Advanced Light Management is a fully programmable solution is enabling time scheduled and multi-scenario lighting logic across an unlimited number of light zones.

The cloud-based solution can be operated from anywhere via a tablet or a PC via WiFi.

Battery back-up for emergency lights is available for all levels.

Use case

How it works

LediBonds powerful Smart Light Managament solution is based on an application master controller with build-in motion sensor conmtrol and daylight monitoring function. 
Up to 25 sensors can be connected to a single master controller to form a complete self-contained light control solution that can control a larger number (>50) of power supplies driving LED luminaires.

Daylight monitoring function
The master daylight sensor can tell the difference between natural light and artificial light from a lamp and will switch off the luminaires when ambient light is bright enough. When ambient light is below a target
level, light is controlled by motion detection only.

Motion detection
Whan the motion sensors detects cars or people, the luminous flux is adjusted from e.g. a low power level (twilight) to higher light intensity, suitable for the presence of people and traffic.
Motion detection by any of the sensors in the solution, will trigger light to be turned on.
When no motion is detected, the light will automatically be dimmed to the lower twilight level for a period before light turns off completely to save energy.

Grouping into light Zones (Example: Parking Facilities)
Lighting in e.g. parking facilities covering larger areas
can be even more dynamic and energy efficient if facilities are devided into multiple light zones.
Each light zone can then be controlled by its own self-contained master controller connected with multiple slave motion sensors. The use of zones will ensure that light is
only applied in areas with actual people and vehicle
movement and save energy.

Savings potential

Dynamic light control makes it easier to achieve the greatest energy savings

Set light Level (58%)*
Saving from setting the appropriate light level for each area.

Detection of movement (30%)
Turning off light when areas are not in use.

Detection of daylight (10%)
Turn off or dim artificial lighting when daylight is available.

Scheduled light (2%)
Turning off light during certail times of the day.

*More light per watt

It makes sense to dim the light level when you do not need full brightness in your parking facility.

In fact, if you dim the amount of light to i.e. 50%, the energy consumption will be reduced by 55% using high-efficient LED iBond LED light panels.

UN SDG 13 - Climate action

Climate Action

As a leading technology developer, LED iBond facilitates and supports the propagation of energy-saving LED-technology for climate improvements.