HORTISABER Distributed toplight

NEW 2nd Generation LED Grow Lights
for Greenhouses

The new linear HORTISABER grow light solution replaces traditional HPS and LED toplights one-to-one.
The completely new grow light design provides excellent light uniformity and reduces shadows.
With the customizable grow light spectra HORTISABER optimizes the  overall yield at a lower total cost than previous grow light solutions.
The HORTISABER Greenhouse toplight solution reduces power consumption of up to 40% compared to traditional toplights. 

Benefits at a glance

  • Perfect light uniformity due to smart optics and linear fixtures
  • Highest energy efficiency
  • Customizable light spectra and adjustable intensity
  • Broad product range available in 75 – 600 µmol/m²
  • Effective passive thermal design with longer lifetime
  • Compatible with any exiting climate control systems
  • Replaces traditional toplights one-to-one
  • Easy installation directly on the greenhouse beams due to self-supporting fixture
  • Water and dust protected (IP67 rated)
  • Designed for 100% recycling

Excellent light uniformity and low energy consumption

LED iBond’s HORTISABER is a 2nd generation LED growth light system with a smart optical lens system and an 6 meter (20 feet) linear fixture providing market leading light uniformity.

HORTISABER is equipped with high performance grow LEDs and a unique thermal design secures high light output and low energy consumption compared to other lamps.

Replaces traditional toplights one-to-one

The new HORTISABER from LED iBond replaces your traditional HPS or LED toplights one-to-one.

You can easily reuse the existing electrical infrastructure and exiting supporting metal structure in the roof of the greenhouse.
It’s design fits to any type of greenhouse and layout.

Easy installation

The 6 meter (20 feet) long HORTISABER linear light fixture is self-supporting and can be mounted directly onto existing greenhouse roof beams.

Installation do not need any dedicated metal beams along the light panel for mounting as required by any other traditional toplight.


The HORTISABER is self-supporting and the fixtures need only 2 mounting points per 5-6 meter span if necessary.


The HORTISABER can be mounted in rows to fit any size of Greenhouse and it complete independent of the position of existing roof beam.


Light Management

HORTISABER can be connected to LED iBond’s advanced light management solution and communicate with any existing greenhouse climate control system.

LED iBond’s Light Management Solution provides greenhouse growers with a valuable new tool to optimize production yield and reduce cost based on adaptive light control using actual electricity price, weather forecast, and monitoring of daylight.

Spectra Solutions

Get 5 standard spectra solutions optimized for crop type or phase of plant growth.
The spectra are customizable for specific needs. 

Spectra No. 1 Nursery Red
Spectra No. 2 Nursery Red with added Far Red

Spectra for early plant development in the nursery

The nursery spectrum with red light is ideal to promote strong seedling growth. It consists of plenty of red lights with the option of adding some far red lights for extra impact. This color combination is specifically designed for healthy plant growth in the nursery.


Spectra no. 1 Nursery Red                  Spectra  no. 2 Nursery Red w/Far Red

Spectra No. 3 Growth Light Full Spectrum

Spectra for strengthening the plant in the vegetative stage

This full spectrum of growth light is designed to strengthen the plants and their vitality in the entire vegetative stage. The spectra focuses on red and blue light for efficient photosynthesis. Far red is added to increase yield. The blue and green lights are included for growth regulation and the production of flavonoids and other phenolics.

This spectrum spectra is recommended for versatile use as it is suitable for varying crops in the complete growth period.

Spectra No. 4 Growth Light Drive

This full-spectrum Spectra is specially designed to drive growth and increase yield.

This combination promotes an efficient growth phase due to the emphasis on red and far red lights which is great for the photosynthesis process. Blue and green lights are added for health and growth regulation.

To obtain a high yield, this spectra is our recommended solution for use in combination with no. 5 Pre-harvest spectrum.

Spectra No. 5 Pre-Harvest Spectrum

Ideal to boost the plants flavour and freshness.

This spectra is designed to promote the production of flavonoids and other phenolics via plenty of blue light. Lots of red light is included to ensure continued photosynthesis.

We recommend using this pre-harvest spectra in combination with growth spectra no. 3 or 4 (with a high proportion of reds) for optimal plant development and a high yield.

HORTICULTURE Distributesd Toplight
Technology LED
Material Aluminum body with acryllic lens
Length (options) 2, 3 or 6 meters
Height x width 12,7 cm x 7,2 cm
Grow Light Spectra According to crop life cycle
Light Control Via app and/or common light control systems
Supply Voltage 230/400 Volt
UN SDG 13 - Climate action


As a leading technology developer, LED iBond facilitates and supports the propagation of energy-saving LED-technology for climate improvements.


LED iBond’s technology enables profitable large-scale indoor farming, one of the sustainable farming methods used to feed the world of tomorrow.