GRACY Industry

GRACY Industry Lighting Solution

GRACY Industry is a hard-wearing LED light fixture with a market-leading product lifespan. Based on patented technology it comes in a slim square shape with integrated LEDs. It is customizable in shape and size and features a slim design with no visible wires.

GRACY Industry is a top performing light fixture in harsh environments. It is developed especially for situations where light, safety, and durability are key performance drivers.

GRACY Industry has many applications in industrial fields such as parking garages, car washes, and elevators. 

Using aluminum and high-quality LEDs makes this LED light fixture extraordinarily durable and long-lived. 

GRACY Industry comes with IP67 classification for protection against water and dust.

Developed and manufactured in Denmark.


Service Stations

Light for service stations e.g. gas or charging stations. The LED lighting creates well-lit and safe surroundings, featuring high-quality light and a market-leading product lifespan.

Car Washes

GRACY Industry is perfect for harsh environment of high-pressure water, soap, and dirt. It is waterproof and therefore resilient to wear and tear.


Innovative LED light with a one-component ceiling and integrated light. Featuring easy installation and a market-leading lifespan, this solution is ideal for all types of elevators.

Specifications GRACY Industry

Technology LED
Material ACP, Polyethylene and Aluminum
Custom Dimensions Max. 1100x1100mm
Height 6 mm (10,6mm, water protection)
Voltage 24 V
Power consumption 1,1 W / LED spot
IP Up to IP67
Luminous flux 5050 lm
Color temperature 2700K - 6500K
Color rendering index 90+
Dimmable Yes
Country of Origin Denmark
Can be cut into any size and shape

3-step solution

Step 1 

Select shape and size 

Step 2

Select Lumen & Lux

Step 3

Select light control and installation 

Gracy Industry - Standard Product overview


260 x 560mm
IP65 or IP67

360 x 560 mm
IP65 or IP67


750 x 750 mm


Ø 1020 mm

(Also avalible in Ø 350 mm)

What do our clients say?

Bluetop x LED iBond carport lighting solution

See how we created a lighting solution for Bluetop and how Tracy Industry matched perfectly

“I LOVE LED iBond and the product is great”.

Citat: Bluetop

The story behind GRACY


GRACY Industry started with an engineer’s desire to design an ultra-slim, minimalistic light fixture. Gracy was formed and the technology behind it was adopted in many industries, including elevators and car washes.

It is the unique combination of using Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP) with Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) that is the key idea behind Gracy Industry. The slim design and sturdy construction make it ideal for industrial applications.  

It can be formed into any size to match the specific need.