Innovative Lighting Solution
for Parking Facilities

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Welcome to the TRACY® LED lighting solution
for Parking Garages and Carports

The sleek design and bright light of LED iBonds innovative TRACY® lighting system matches perfectly into any Parking Garage or Carport.

The LEDs high light quality and a market-leading lifespan offer an attractive lighting ambience and enhanced safety in parking areas. It takes almost no space of the ceiling height. The panels are modular and extendable, which enables a customized fit for any building construction.



The TRACY® light system is designed in Denmark according to Nordic design traditions focused on simplicity, functionality and elegance.

These tradititions reflects clearly in the TRACY® lighting system for Parking Garages and Carports characterized by:

  • Minimalistic size and appearance
  • Excellent lighting specifications
  • Less industrial design
  • High-end lighting ambience 
  • Robust quality and durability
  • Durable
  • Energy efficient
  • Made of recyclable materials
  • Flexible usage
Made of aluminum
Minimalistic design
96.6% of TRACY® can be recycled
Flexible and robust
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Small size - 7 x 40 mm

Less cables

Architechture friendly design

Easy click-on installation

Modular and flexible

Costumizable light spectrum

LED iBond Light Management system and compatible with e.g. DALI

Weather resistant

Perfect light distribution

96,6% product recyclability

Market leading product lifespan

Developed and manufactured in Denmark

Light Quality

Light distribution and homogenity

The linear TRACY® light panels provides significantly better light distribution than traditional flourecent or LED  fixtures. 

The high light homogenity further reduces shadows in areas with low light levels. 

The TRACY® panels has a lower power consumption.

Daylight quality

The TRACY® system for parking garages are available in a color range from 3000K to 6500k and a CRI up to 90.
This provides a color reproduction that is very close to natural daylight.


Traditional LED light fixtures

Uneven light distribution and low homogenity.

Ground floor: 325 m2

Light output: 108.000 Lumen total

Flux minimum:  <20

4 (2×2) light points

Power consumption: 744 Watt

LED iBond TRACY® LED light panels

Excellent light distribution and high homogenity.

Ground floor: 325 m2

Light output: 108.000 Lumen total

Flux minimum:  >40

72 (8×9) light points

Power consumption: 633 Watt.


It takes less than  45 sec. to install 5,4 meters of in-line TRACY® panels.

Video how-to guides are available to help you through every step of the installation. 

Download installation guide

Light Management

The right light when you need it

LED iBond offers a range of light control and management solutions designed to control light flux from detecting vehicle or people movement, daylight level and time of day to complete lighting scenarios for an entire area.

All with the aim of improving the lighting experience, increasing safety and maximizing energy savings.



No other lighting system can be customized to fit perfectly into any parking building.
The TRACY® lighting system is modular and highly flexible by design and can be cut into to any length.

Specifications TRACY® Industry

Technology LED
Material Aluminum
Length 300 mm – 1800 mm
Height 7 mm
Voltage Light Panels: 24 VDC, Driver (PSU): 230 VAC
Power consumption 1,7 W / LED spot (max 3,6 W)
IP-rating IP67
Luminous flux 200 lm / LED spot (max 450 lm)
Color temperature (standard) 4000K
Color rendering index +80
Light Management Yes - Smart Light Control with sensors or e.g. DALI
Country of Origin Denmark
UN SDG 13 - Climate action


As a leading technology developer, LED iBond facilitates and supports the propagation of energy-saving LED-technology for climate improvements.

Frequent Questions

If your present parking house or carport lighting only operates on/off, our intelligent light control system with light- and movement sensors can reduce your cost by up to 80%.  

You can further adjust light, lux and lumen with most common lighting control systems like DALI.

Safety and comfort for visitors is created by customized the lights in different zones. I.e. dimming of light zones which only lights up when motion is detected. Provide sufficient light and reduce shadows to make visitors comfortable.

Lighting design for parking garages requires specific knowledge and includes a number of considerations from best practice regarding energy efficiency, lighting control, user experience, security issues and maintenance costs to specific rules and regulations.

The 7 mm TRACY® panels are placed for an optimized lighting distribution, creating a safe and well lit environment. With a master control system, for scenario design of the visual light, dimming and requested light settings for a specific LUX on ground.

Emergency lighting is mandatory in any Parking Garage. The Tracy® solution offers battery back-up solution keeping a part of the main lights active when power fails.

LED iBonds  light design engineers can provide specialist expertise on lighting solutions for your parking garage or carport projects.

We are taking up the battle against useless plastic strips and other poor quality light panels.

Our solution is made of 100% recycled aluminum and 96.6% of the product is recyclable. The TRACY®-solutions low energy consumption significantly reduces the CO2 emission. 

All building materials are individually measured and evaluated in building directives. LED iBond is constantly improving our products towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly solution.

TRACY® is a high quality product developed and manufactured in Denmark:

  • IP67 rating making it weather, water and dust resistant 
  • Easy to clean with smooth chemical resistant surface.
  • Vandalism safe due to the slim form factor, smooth surface and robust design that does not encourages to vandalism or allow birds to sit, nest or interact with the panels.

The TRACY® panels are mounted directly onto the purlins or beams with simple click-on brackets and directly interconnected to create a linear system which fits the structure perfectly.

TRACY® panels can be customized to fit any length to match your Parking Garage or Carport design.

  • Easy installation and maintanaince
  • Easy to reduce or add new lighting zones
  • Easy click-on installation, extendable up to 40 m and 100 LEDs with only one power connection

The slim design and bright lighting perfectly matches with the purlins of any garage construction.

Go to the top of this page for more information on linear-, separated- and corner solutions. 

1. Scalable solution
Tracy® panels are extendable up to 40 m and 100 LEDs with only one power connection. The TRACY® system uses standard panels with a length of 1800mm and consist of 4 spots each with a spacing of 45 cm.

2. Weather proof
LEDs are covered with a protective glass and are rated IP67, while the drivers are IP65.

3. Less shadows and high avg. lux on the ground
Choose a light distribution optic with a angle of up to 125 degrees and dimmable LEDs power to enable more light, if necessary.

4. Easy installation
The TRACY® panels are mounted directly onto the purlins with simple click-on brackets and are directly interconnected to create a linear system that fits the building structure perfectly, while minimizing the need for wiring as the panels are electrically conductive.

5. Reduced use of plastic wires and PSU
The TRACY® solution reduces the required amount of plastic strips and number of Power Source Units (PSU/Drivers).that

Are you ready to learn more about TRACY® Industry – the perfect lighting solution for Parking Garages?

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