LED iBond

Pushing the Possibilities of a Lighting Platform

We believe that imagination has no limits.

LED iBond has such strong lighting DNA that we literally invented the lightest, thinnest LED platform ever developed.  In fact,  our patented technology has been in use since 2001, and helped to illuminate many projects, ranging from shelf lighting in pharmacies to large scale exterior projects such as harbour bridges.

Different to conventional LED lighting companies, who utilized a PCB, heatsink, housing and driver in conjunction with their LED’s, we invented and patented a “sandwich” system.  Our system, in which the LED is placed between two Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP’s), has enabled us to create LED lighting in panels that are 6mm thick.

We take our role as a lighting manufacturer very seriously.

Seeing the potential in our flat linear system as a conduit for light and electricity, we added data. As a result, LED iBond has now created an open platform for IoT-enabled, smart environments, that want to run light, electricity and data in a narrow, sleekly designed, and washable panel. Our linear lighting system, Tracy®, can also carry 12v electricity and data, with one electrical input, in excess of 50 meters.

LED iBond is qualified by the Danish State Export Credit Agency (EKF) to use their credit facilities in large orders where the customer needs extended credit lines. EKF can provide state-backed financing arrangements for our LED solutions. Please see this document for more information.