Elevator Lighting Solution

GRACY Industry offers the best lighting for elevators

With GRACY Industry for elevators, you get beautiful lighting and a stylish design in the shape and size matching the exciting elevator. GRACY Industry features integrated LED lighting, easy installation, and the 6 mm LED panel takes up no space.

With a market-leading lifespan and quality made to last GRACY Industry is the ideal solution for elevator lighting. 

Made in Denmark.


  • Available with customized Lighting Design
  • Shape is modular and can be produced in dimensions of up to 1100 x 1100 mm, Ø1100
  • Protection glass to protect diodes 
  • Only 6 mm slim, design that can match into any design of any elevator
  • Abrasion resistance from high-pressure cleaning
  • Install directly on to ceiling 

Specifications GRACY Industry

Technology LED
Material ACP, Polyethylene and Aluminum
Custom Dimensions Max. 1100x1100mm, Ø1100
Height 6 mm (7 mm incl. diode protection)
Voltage 12 V or 24V
Power consumption 1,1 W / LED spot
Luminous flux 100 lm / LED spot
Color temperature 4000K
Color rendering index 90+
Dimmable Yes
Country of Origin Denmark
Can be cut into any shape and size