TRACY®in great office design

Our great partners in Korea have tested the limits of our product, TRACY® Design, and they built this great design – we are so thrilled to see such creative adaptations of our product!

Our 6 mm thin LED panel, TRACY® offers high levels of flexibility, which the above-shown adaptation of the product clearly demonstrates. TRACY® is a linear lighting panel, which can be extended up to 43 meters from a single connection point. This means that in a design like such no cables will be visible!

The panel uses recycled aluminum to run electricity – which is beneficial, because other than wires or cables not being visible, it can be highly customized in terms of application: it can easily be used on horizontal surfaces, and even around corners. This allows the customer to build any pattern or shape of lighting fixtures from it, just like our great partners in Korea!

Thanks to this great product’s wide-ranging benefits, anyone can build a smart, illuminated, and connected environment in a matter of mere minutes – even customized creative designs!


  • Flexible: can be extended and adapted for creative applications
  • Customizable in terms of colours and design
  • Sleek design: modern aluminum body and no visible wires
  • Easy installation: can be suspended from the ceiling or mounted on surfaces
  • Wide range of applications: can be used in aisles, corridors, cabinets, angles, or corners
  • Lightweight and 6 mm thin
  • Long lifetime

TRACY®in great office design