TRACY® Design

TRACY® Design Lighting Solution

Providing numerous lighting options and creative freedom, TRACY® Design is perfect for interior design.

The slim, linear LED panels can run horizontally, vertically, around corners, or be built into any geometric shape to create amazing lighting effects. The panels can extend up to 40 meters with one power connection. 

The LED panels can be installed directly on most surfaces, or they can be suspended from the ceiling. TRACY® Design features a market-leading lifespan and high recyclability.

Application Areas

Office Spaces

Set the atmosphere with great lighting. TRACY® Design is a great lighting solution for office spaces. Long corridors, common offices, conference rooms, and lounge areas – Tracy® Design has many applications.

Social Hubs

Social hubs need great lighting. With TRACY® Design it is possible to create the perfect lighting for any type of social hub, both indoor and outdoor, due to the slim, modular panels and adjustable lighting.

Bentley's display window LEDs

Stores and Showrooms

Attract customers with brilliant lighting. Extendable and modular, TRACY® Design provides total creative freedom. Linear runs of light vertically, horizontally, around corners, and in geometric shapes.

Specifications TRACY® Design

Technology LED
Material Aluminum
Length 300mm – 1800mm
Height 6 mm
Voltage 24 VDC
Power consumption 1,5 W / LED spot (max 3,6 W)
IP IP20 or IP67
Luminous flux 200 lm / LED spot (max 470 lm)
Color temperature 3000K or 4000K
Color rendering index 90+
Dimmable Yes
Country of Origin Denmark
Can be cut into any angle and length
40 m panels per power connection
Slim Design
7 mm incl. IP67
Easy installation
Click & Go solution to be mounted onto anything
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Customized color

Our standard color is SILVER due to the raw aluminum.
We can deliver in any color and match to the illuminated environment.

3-step solution

Step 1 

Select length 

Step 2

Select Lumen & Lux

Step 3

Select light control and installation 

Made of aluminum
96.6% of TRACY® can be recycled
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UN SDG 13 - Climate action


As a leading technology developer, LED iBond facilitates and supports the propagation of energy-saving LED-technology for climate improvements.

Product overview

TRACY® Design Indoor

TRACY® Design for indoor use offers creative freedom to build lines or geometric shapes of light. Extendable for a customized fit anywhere. Perfect for creative spaces.

Bentley's display window LEDs

TRACY® Design Outdoor

TRACY® Design offers the freedom to create efficient LED lighting for outdoor environments. Extendable, modular, and waterproof. Perfect for park and garden lighting.

The story behind TRACY®    

Invented by a visionary engineer, TRACY® is an ultra-slim extendable lighting panel that serves as both an electrical conductor and LED lighting panel, thus minimizing the need for cables. 

The lighting solution is also more sustainable than other, traditional lighting solutions. Choosing aluminum as the main material generates benefits such as a long lifespan and high recyclability. 

Tracy, the linear lighting panel

What do our customers say?

B2 x LED iBond Design lighting solution

See how B2 created a beautiful lighting solution out of TRACY® Design
With TRACY® panel in black, it gives us even more possibilities to create lighting solutions to our clients. Now we can choose between Silver and Black when we design. It gives us room to be more creative and to find that optimal lighting solution that fit our clients need.

Quote: B2 Lighting Management