Innovative LED growth light meets ambitious vertical farming entrepreneur

At Refarmed, situated in the suburbs of Copenhagen, an ambitious and climate-oriented woman, Camilla Enge, has made an indoor vertical farm in the basement below an industrial kitchen that makes gourmet food for canteens. Here, she grows herbs and greens to supply her upstairs customer with freshly harvested crops. No transportation is needed here!

We are proud to be the provider of the life-giving light Refarmed uses to grow the crops indoors. Almost no natural light is available. Therefore, it is essential that the light provides vast amounts of growth light and offers the right color spectra that the crops need.

LED iBond has developed GRACY Horticulture specifically for vertical farming indoors. The slim panels with multiple integrated LEDs can be easily mounted into any existing vertical farming setup. Wiring is minimal and the panels are robust. The high-quality LEDs supply the plants with plenty of light and feature excellent uniformity to promote a higher yield.

Camilla Enge, CEO and owner of Refarmed, says:

“We are very impressed with the LED light solution LED iBond has delivered to my vertical farm. It was very clear that they outperformed the light I had installed both on uniformity, but also on maintenance.

We ran a test installation in the Fall of 2021 and the results were amazing. I have now implemented LED iBond light on a complete layer where I see an increase on my yield.”

Benefits of GRACY Horticulture:

  • Ideal in spaces with no natural light
  • Water protection (IP67) for safe use
  • Efficient built-in heat management – reduced need for ventilation
  • Standard or customized light spectra
  • Standard or customized micromole
  • Special optics for high light uniformity
  • Dimming function for light control and energy savings
  • LEDs with a market-leading lifespan
  • Easy installation, minimal wiring
  • Light control via app
  • Sturdy, durable assembly


Read more about GRACY Horticulture here


Combination with sunlight

If you have a farm in combination with sunlight read more about TRACY Horticulture here

TRACY® Horticulture growth light is a linear panel integrated with growth light LEDs. Each panel supplies lots of lifegiving light from the baby sprouts to harvest. The LED panels are robust and lightweight and can easily be installed into an existing set-ups. Our growth light features a customizable light spectra and light intensity that can be controlled via our app or via a 3rd party farming system.


Innovative LED growth light meets ambitious vertical farming entrepreneur