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LED iBond’s elevator lighting lets you enjoy the ride


Whether it is a mere lighting upgrade, or a decision to make the elevator a smart, IoT-enabled space, LED iBond has the perfect solution for your needs of elevator lighting. Based on patented technology, LED iBond offers 6 mm slim, one-component elevator ceilings with integrated LED lights. The design of the ceiling and lighting is customizable to fit your exact needs.

Furthermore, for better sustainability, better operations economy and easy maintenance, LED iBond introduces a new concept – Everly – for easy and hassle-free replacement of a single LED in case of vandalism or wear-out.

This innovative elevator ceiling solution will light up your elevator cabin and let you and all passengers enjoy the ride!

Solutions include

  • High efficiency: energy saving lightsource
  • Ease of installation, only one cable needed
  • Flexibility: enable incorporation of customer-specific components into final solution
  • Possibility to create customized lighting scheme which can be retrofitted and mounted on existing ceiling
  • Option of creating self-monitoring elevators, which are IoT-enabled to include, for example, motion sensors and other IoT devices
  • Can be manufactured in any colour or texture
  • Design and appearance: give the impression of a new elevator by merely upgrading the lighting scheme
  • Option of using replaceable LEDs, which enables you to replace a single LED in a matter of seconds
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The Importance of Proper Elevator Lighting and the Advantages of Elevator LED Solutions

We live in a world where multi-story buildings are commonplace and the tallest skyscraper towers at 828 meters (2,716 feet). In turn, elevators have become an essential vehicle for navigating vertical landscapes. However, it is not uncommon to come across someone with a fear of riding elevators. Most of us have wondered at some point, “how irrational is that fear really?” Well, you can go ahead and sigh with relief. Statistically, elevators are relatively safe.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 27 people are killed in elevator accidents a year, with 10,200 people suffering from elevator-related injuries. Considering that U.S. elevators make 18 billion passenger trips yearly, the fatality rate is substantially low. Nonetheless, that does not make stepping into a gloomy elevator with rickety cables and flickering lights any less unsettling.

Even if you do not suffer from claustrophobia or acrophobia (fear of heights), taking an elevator can be a daunting experience, particularly when the cabin appears unsafe. Fortunately, LED iBond’s elevator LED lights and smart lighting in elevator cabs offer comfort and safety features that make the ride a little more welcoming and perhaps even enjoyable.

Why Is Elevator Lighting Critical To Operations?

Over the years, lighting manufacturers have poured monetary support into research and development to improve elevator lighting – and for a good reason. Elevator lighting has a significant impact on numerous crucial factors, such as the cab weight, security features, energy-efficiency, and code compliance.

Depending on location and time of day, elevators receive varying amounts of traffic. Thus, smart lighting in elevator systems is all the more beneficial. Elevator lighting designs must take into account energy efficiency, lifespan, durability, and flexibility to function correctly.

LED iBond’s design philosophies and technologies specifically cater to design facets that are distinctively essential to elevator lighting. Their LED light sources have an operational lifetime in excess of 100,000 hours – the equivalent of several decades. Their admirable capacity ensures low maintenance and downtime while also saving money on replacement costs.

How do Elevator LED Options Affect Design?

The traditional drawbacks of conventional incandescent and fluorescent lighting are exaggerated by the demanding guidelines and requirements of elevators. Typical concerns include weight, space, heat, and vibration. In elevators, all these factors contribute to the structure’s integrity and safety.

Innovations in LED technology and elevator LED lights have revolutionized designs that save money for building owners and increase occupants’ safety. Elevator LEDs are more resistant to motion and vibration compared to conventional systems. Moreover, LEDs emit far less heat, making them less prone to malfunctioning and other heat-related issues.

LED iBond’s patented ACP LED technology is the perfect solution for creating an energy-saving light source ideal for elevator lighting. The compact and simplistic technology provides sleek designs that are uniquely thin, durable, and lightweight – perfect for an elevator LED.

Aesthetic Improvements Powered by Elevator LED Solutions

Lighting can completely change the atmosphere in a room, and elevators are no exception. Even an older, outdated elevator can be entirely transformed and modernized by professional elevator lighting. LED iBond offers sleekand attractive elevator LEDs. The minimalistic designs are elegant yet powerful.

We are also capable of creating specialized solutions for unique spaces. Want to update to elevator LEDs without changing the ceiling? No problem. We can devise a customized lighting scheme to retrofit and mount on your existing ceiling.

Case Study: Creating a Customized Lighting Scheme

One of our most unusual projects was the refurbishment of Rigshospitalet’s elevator infrastructure. With 16 bustling storeys, the Rigshospitalet is the largest medical building in Denmark and relies heavily on its elevators’ functionality.

To accommodate the desired distribution pattern of elevator LEDs, we built a circular, customized lighting scheme. Our creation increased energy efficiency by more than 85 percent while also improving the lux level by 30 percent. Additionally, we implemented an integrated emergency system to protect against system failure.

The Future of Elevator LEDs in Elevator Lighting

Compared to all other available elevator lighting solutions, an LED iBond innovation is the ideal energy-saving light source. Thanks to our intentionally thin designs, our elevator lighting technologies inspire groundbreaking augmentations that can cause meaningful, positive changes to cab construction. Future plans can accommodate reduced materials as well as weight. LED iBond’s flexible designs allow for customized adjustments to fit the smallest niches and fulfill the most complex customer requests.

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