Applications of LED Lighting in Car Parks

LEDs in car parks, garages, and carports create brightly lit spaces that give drivers and passengers a sense of security. They can also provide reliable and uniform lighting that can prevent accidents. As the world becomes increasingly urbanized, LED car park lighting remains popular as they are long-lasting, versatile in appearance, and sustainable.

Many people picture a dark space when they picture a car park. However, in recent years, as car park managers switch out fluorescent lights for LED panels and integrate their lighting systems with third-party devices, they have managed to create brightly lit ‘smart spaces’ that can increase safety for drivers and passengers alike.


Desired Characteristics of LED Car Park Lighting

There are some common, desired characteristics of car park lighting across the board, such as brightness, longevity, and durability.

Brightness is a key factor in parking lot lighting. Sufficient brightness can increase safety for all drivers and passengers, not just while driving but also as they get to and from their cars.

While the average LED household bulb can reach up to 5,000 lumens, LED floodlights can output 20,000 lumens—this is six times brighter than the average halogen light and perfect for illuminating vast expanses of outdoor areas.

LEDs are perfect as car park, carport, and garage lighting, as they have long lifespans. The average LED on the market can operate for 50,000 hours, equal to six straight years. As such, they are replaced fewer times, reducing manual labor and lowering operational costs of each facility.

LEDs are often acknowledged for their durability. Installed in indoor and outdoor car parks, LEDs are shock-resistant and can also come in waterproof casing, meaning they can withstand all types of weather and be used in carwash facilities and as car park and carport lighting.


Benefits of LEDs from LED iBond

LED iBond is constantly improving the quality and uniqueness of our LEDs to stand out from the competition.
Our lighting solutions carry many extra benefits not found in traditional lighting and other LEDs on the market, making them perfectly suited for facility lighting.

Long Lifespan of LEDs
Firstly, our LEDs have an impressive lifespan of 100,000 continuous hours, double that of the average LED on the market. This translates to over a decade of continuous use, reducing the replacement rate of car park, carport, and garage lighting.

Our LEDs have this level of longevity because of our superior heat management concept. While the average lighting solution company utilizes a PCB, heatsink, housing and driver in conjunction with their LEDs, we place our LEDs between two aluminum panels.

From this, we have managed to create ultra-slim LED panels of only 6mm, out of recycled aluminum. As aluminum is an excellent heat conductor, heat generated from our LEDs can be quickly dissipated to prevent overheating, which can damage an LED’s lifespan and its light output.

High Light Uniformity
Light uniformity affects our perception of space and our ability to navigate it. Both indoor and outdoor car parks require high light uniformity so drivers and other users can perceive their environment without disruption due to sudden lighting drops. High light uniformity can prevent accidents.

At LED iBond, our LED panels were shown to have outstanding uniformity. While traditional lighting varied +/- 50% from the average light intensity, our LEDs varied only +/- 10%. These are highly satisfying results and prove our lights’ capability in remaining bright for long periods without disruption.

Multi-Colored and Dimmable
Our LEDs also come in various colors and color temperatures. They can be packed tightly together in lighting panels and arranged in different combinations at their compact size and with excellent thermal management.

Our LEDs can also be dimmed when implemented with a dimmable LED driver.

More Sustainable Materials and Replacement Methods
LED iBond’s LEDs are mounted in plugs, and they can be taken in and out of lighting fixtures in seconds. This makes replacements much faster, easier, and more sustainable. The simple replacement concept also lowers the overall operational cost of each light, bringing down the total cost of ownership.

LED iBond is committed to creating a greener future with our lighting innovations. There is no better way to demonstrate this than through our custom, sustainable lighting solutions made from recycled aluminium. These panels can also be further re-recycled.


Applications of our LEDs in Car Parks, Garages, and Carwash and Charging Facilities

There are many ways to use our LEDs in car parks, garages, carwash, and charging facilities.

Refurbish Car Parks with High-Intensity LED Lighting
Car parks that currently use conventional lighting can switch to LED technology with a simple LED upgrade for ceilings and walls to brighten up the space. They can opt for high-intensity floodlights for outdoor spaces and choose from a range of color temperatures from neutral to cool white to help drivers stay alert.

As LEDs have low replacement rates, they can also lower the operational cost of the overall car park while delivering high-quality lighting.

Wireless Sensors and Multi-Color LEDs
Parking lot lighting usually covers an expansive area, and the integration of IoT in our LED panels can create self-monitoring spaces. This is a big bonus in facility management as LED automation with sensors will increase the functionality of a car park or carport while minimizing the operational costs of hiring staff.

The money can then be spent elsewhere, and staff can also free up their schedule to do unique and challenging tasks.

Waterproof LEDs in carwashes
LEDs with waterproof casing can be installed in carwash and other car cleaning facilities to boost functionality and safety while lowering costs.

Waterproof LEDs can be installed near or inside carwash facilities. LEDs also utilize solid-state technology instead of metallic filaments in halogen and fluorescent light bulbs. This means they can be used in high-vibration environments, such as inside moving carwash equipment.

More Sustainable LED Lighting in Charging Facilities
As the world transitions towards more sustainable automobiles such as electric cars, LED iBond has also entered the fast-growing market for electric vehicle charging in the UK.

In the Fall of 2021, we entered into a strategic partnership with British sustainable energy GRIDSERVE as a sub-supplier of linear LED lighting for their ‘Electric Highway’.

GRIDSERVE is backed by the Hitachi group, and ‘Electric Highway’ is its project on creating a nationwide charging network. This network will establish dedicated charging facilities for electric vehicles on Britain’s motorways and major roads.

As a sub-supplier in this project, we delivered 190 meters of our TRACY® lighting solution in October to GRIDSERVE’s long-standing partner Bluetop Solar Parking. Bluetop is a Danish manufacturer of solar carport solutions. Our contribution of LED panels for Bluetop’s OPTI Solar Carport System is to become a structural component at several of GRIDSERVE’s charging hubs.

We are confident in the effectiveness of our linear lighting concept used in Bluetop’s stylish canopies, and we anticipate additional orders to be fulfilled in the future.

Smart LED Lighting in Home Garages and Carports
Smart LED garage lighting can upgrade homes and make daily life more convenient.

Again, TRACY® be installed on garage ceilings or beneath carport roofs to simultaneously provide intelligent lighting and electricity.

TRACY® is only 6mm thin and comes in sleek, wireless panels. It can undoubtedly blend into any environment. It is also customizable in length and can be assembled to go around corners, along with ceilings, and on walls, and its aluminum surface makes it easy to clean with just a dry or wet cloth.


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LEDs can be considered for all parking lot lighting needs, from carwashes to charging stations. They can also be customized for implementation in private garages and carports to build a smart home.

LED iBond provides sustainable lighting solutions with extended longevity and high quality and light uniformity to enhance facility safety and functionality. Building managers and independent users can also lower operational costs and decrease material wastage with a reduced replacement of lights.

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Carport image by Bluetop Solar Parking