Applications of LED Lighting in Warehouses

Our minimalistic luminaire The Plane illuminating an old warehouse office space

Warehouses these days serve many purposes, from manufacturing and production to being renovated and repurposed into offices, homes, and even vertical farms. Due to this, warehouse lighting has equally diversified to serve different purposes. LEDs have become a popular choice as they are long-lasting, versatile in appearance, and sustainable.


Desired Characteristics of LED Warehouse Lighting

Warehouses have always been a popular location for packaging and manufacturing facilities. These days, they have also expanded the industries they serve.

As many warehouses are refurbished and converted into office spaces, lofts, and even vertical farms, many of the traditional lighting solutions in use have been given an LED upgrade to better fulfil the desired characteristics of warehouse lighting, such as longevity and versatility.

Longevity of Lights
Warehouses are large spaces with many lights in operation. LEDs are perfect as warehouse lighting as they have long lifespans. As such, they are replaced fewer times, reducing manual labor and lowering operational costs.

Versatility of Lights
Aside from overhead ceiling lights, warehouses may also have desk lamps, mezzanine lighting, different types of LEDs in warehouse shelving and machinery, grow lights, and so on.

LEDs can be brightened, dimmed, and flexibly arranged due to their small size. They can also transform the look of a warehouse interior as they are available in several colors.


Benefits of LED Lighting from LED iBond

As pioneers in the lighting industry with a passion for innovation, we at LED iBond are constantly improving the quality of our LEDs to stand out from the competition. With experience and expertise, our lighting solutions carry many extra benefits not found in traditional lighting and other LEDs on the market.

These benefits include an extra-long lifespan of LEDs, the small size of our lighting solutions, and lighting fixtures made from recycled and sustainable materials.

Long Lifespan of LEDs
Our LEDs have an impressive lifespan of 100,000 continuous hours, double that of the average LED on the market. This translates to over a decade of continuous use.

This longevity is thanks to our superior heat management concept that allows heat to dissipate quickly from our lighting fixtures.

Prolonged, excess heat can shorten LEDs’ lifespan and cause damage to their light output. To combat this, we have a patented ‘sandwich’ system that places the LED between two Aluminium Composite Panels (ACPs).

Versatile in Appearance
Our LED lighting solutions are also aesthetically versatile, and they can be perfectly customized for different uses of warehouses.

Our LEDs come in various colors and color temperatures, and our LED panels are incredibly compact. They can be arranged in different combinations and put closely together without creating a safety hazard.

Our panels are only 6mm thick as aluminum is a strong yet thin material, and our sleek LED panels can complement and harmonize with any interior design.

More Sustainable Materials and Replacement Methods
LED iBond’s LEDs are mounted in plugs. They can be taken in and out of lighting fixtures in seconds, making replacements and upgrades much faster, easier, and more sustainable.

The simple replacement concept also lowers the overall operational cost of each light, bringing down the total cost of ownership.

LED iBond is committed to creating a greener future with our lighting innovations. There is no better way to demonstrate this than through our custom lighting solutions made from recycled aluminium. These panels can also be further re-recycled.


Case Study: LED Upgrade at Ball Beverage Packaging

When people think of an LED upgrade at a warehouse, many picture the replacement of overhead ceiling bulbs and panels. However, there are many other crucial luminaires in manufacturing spaces. These include lights on production, assembly and inspection lines, and lighted displays around the warehouse.

Ball Beverage Packaging, located in Fredericia, manufactures aluminum cans for breweries worldwide. They were looking for a lighting upgrade in their warehouse—particularly for their ceiling and inspection lines—to improve efficiency and accuracy in workers’ tasks in quality control.

LED iBond stepped up to the task by replacing their existing florescent lights with high-quality LEDs, and this replacement was met with high satisfaction.

Considerations: Inspection Accuracy and Operational Efficiency
The packaging warehouse had two primary considerations—inspection accuracy regarding quality control of their aluminum cans and the facility’s operational efficiency.

Inspection accuracy relies on a brightly lit workplace filled with high-quality lights with a good Color Rendering Index (CRI). Production runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and the highly automated line produces 120 aluminum cans per second.

Therefore, workers on inspection lines are tasked with the busy job of ensuring the print and color composition of the cans is consistent.

The project also aimed for operational efficiency of the production space in terms of cost and sustainability.

Hundreds of lights are in use daily at the large warehouse. Therefore, an increase in cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency in each light panel can significantly save electricity consumption and bills, and the packaging facility looked to achieve this.

LED iBond’s Custom Lighting Solution

Tasked with this project, LED iBond implemented our LEDs and panels in their warehouse ceiling and in the inspection control frame on their inspection line.

For the ceiling lighting upgrade, we installed a Full Moon ø600 LED strip light with LEDs with a CRI of >90 and a Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) of 4,000K—a cool white that ensures the production facility is brightly lit.

For lights on the inspection line and in the inspection control frame, we installed specifically adapted LED panels with a CRI of >90 and a CCT of 6,500K. This crisp, cool white light emulated an overcast day for an accurate color rendering of aluminum cans.

We also adapted the Dali controlled driver so lights can be dimmed, and lighting operation can be controlled in one centralized location.

Major Energy and Operational Cost Savings
The upgrade was met with high satisfaction, and the installation of LEDs has swiftly justified their initial costs with the business’s improved operational efficiency.

Our LEDs have a lifespan of over 100,000 hours and are highly energy-efficient, and Ball Beverage Packaging managed to welcome significant energy savings of approximately 60% kWh with the LED upgrade.

With their energy savings, they have also experienced significant cost savings. Before the upgrade, the company had to replace light sources after approximately 2,100 hours, or every third month, of operation, as the CRI of fluorescent lamps degenerates over a short period. The constant replacement was time-consuming and a financial burden, and the switch to LEDs solved this problem.


Case Study: Minimalist LED Lighting for Office Space in a Converted Warehouse

Additionally, our upgrade with Jeudan A/S and its office space in a converted warehouse is a testament to the versatility of our LEDs.

Considerations: Workplace Productivity and Original Architecture Harmony
Jeudan’s office space is a renovated warehouse building from the 17th century with beautiful high ceilings and wooden beams around the space.

The company wanted to preserve the uniqueness of the warehouse architecture while also modernizing its lighting system to improve comfort and productivity in the workplace.

LED iBond’s Custom Lighting Solution
To achieve Jeudan’s goals, we installed 28 units of our minimalist, bi-directional pendant fixture The Plane®, a popular choice of LED lighting for offices.

The Plane® is our unique luminaire design with both up- and down-lights that can be controlled independently. Its light output can be chosen between a CCT of 3,000-4,000K, which falls between a warm white and a natural or daylight white.

The fixture is an extremely slim light panel at only 6mm, and it has a 4-point suspension design with power supply integration, so it is entirely cableless. This minimalist design makes it easy for the LED panel to blend into the converted warehouse environment.

The fixture also incorporates a magnetic suspension system which can reduce initial installation time, and the system can be taken apart for easy cleaning.

We integrated the light panels with daylight white LEDs for this project, and the brightness projected at both the ceiling and below into the room increased the office’s functionality. The panels’ sleekness also enhanced the space’s original beauty by effortlessly harmonizing with it. As the warehouse had high ceilings, the installation height was adjusted to 225cm.

We also integrated the light panels with the Dali light control system, giving office managers and staff the freedom to adjust the lighting to specific situations and needs. The staff were delighted with the new lights that managed to bring out the best of the warehouse architecture without hindering productivity.

The Plane® comes with a 2-year limited warranty, and its simple and minimalist design is a great way to give converted warehouses a flair without being noisy.


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LED warehouse lighting is not limited to illuminating production and manufacturing facilities. As more and more old warehouses are converted into stylish workspaces and vertical farms, they can be incorporated into any environment.

LED iBond provides sustainable indoor lighting across industries that increase workplace efficiency and lower operational costs for businesses. With reduced replacements, users can save time and help decrease material wastage.

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