LED iBond lights in Gridserve’s charging hubs

In great collaboration with Bluetop, a Danish manufacturer of solar parking solutions, we supplied Tracy® panels for Gridserve’s “Electric Highway”, a nationwide charging network, which establish dedicated electric vehicle charging facilities on Britain’s motorways and major roads.

Gridserve is an international sustainable energy business, which develops, builds, owns, and operates ‘sun-to-wheel’ hybrid solar, electric vehicle charging and battery storage critical power infrastructure.

Serving as canopies covering EV charging stands, Bluetop’s OPTI Solar Carport system will become a structural component at several of Gridserve’s charging hubs.

The Tracy® panel fits perfectly into Bluetop’s carport design, offering numerous benefits:


  • Minimalistic LED aluminum panel, blends completely into the design of the carport
  • Can be installed directly onto the carport construction
  • Reducing wiring, one power connection can supply up to 43 meters
  • Focus on sustainability, manufactured by 46% recycled material and 93% of the raw materials can be recycled
  • High-quality materials with market leading lifespan of 100.000 hours
  • Developed, designed, and manufactured in Denmark
  • Creates a nice and safe environment



LED iBond lights in Gridserve’s charging hubs