DTU Library

Technical University of Denmark - smart library at night, lit up by LED iBond lights.

DTU Library – Smart Library equipped with LED lighting

The new Smart LED solution from LED iBond opens up a range of exciting options for intelligent light control that can be customized for the individual needs of the users. DTU is creating the infrastructure of an IoT Living Lab with the latest technologies in LED lighting, heating, ventilation and sound.

Today DTU Smart Library acts as a living laboratory where students and scientists spend time and test new technologies. Proper  lighting is a necessary part of their day to day activities . Here, the numerous traditional light fixtures have been replaced with custom made LED luminaires, which vary the colour temperature as well as light intensity depending on user needs and time of the day.



  • TRACY Spot light luminaire used
  • Total 3200 m – 7250 LED spots
  • CCT 2700K / 6500K / 4000K (dynamic)
  • CRI Ra90+
  • Installation October 2017


DTU Library – a Living Lab

The library at Technical University of Denmark is the heart of the student environment at Campus Lyngby a bit north of Copenhagen occupying more than one square kilometer. Here the 11,000 students can acquire knowledge, immerse themselves and meet in project teams at all times (24/7).

DTU wanted to apply the latest LED technology, which can be adapted to the needs of the users. In addition, they wanted the users of the library at a later stage to be able to interact/change the lighting in the individual areas, while at the same time achieving significant energy savings. The new Smart LED solution enables a range of exciting options for intelligent light control which can be customized for the individual needs.As the extensive rebuilding included brand new ceilings and a new ventilation system, LED iBond got the opportunity to design an innovative LED solution based on a TRACY linear lighting system, which can be customized to the construction of the building and the needs of the users. The new TRACY luminaire which is now installed in  the three floors of the library includes three kilometers of light rails and 7250 LED spots.


TRACY LED light is adjusted according to the time of the day

The light installation can be regulated in brightness and colour temperature (Kelvin) during the day. The aim is to create the most suitable conditions in relation to the needs of the users and to follow the daylight throughout the day. This means that  the light is warmer (red) in the morning, becoming more clear (white) at midday  and again changing  to a warmer light at the end of the day.

The lighting is divided into zones based on where the students and the administrative staff are located. In the zones where students are reading, talking or working in teams, the luminaires are designed in two parallel TRACY lighting rails with two sets of diodes that have  different colour temperatures to establish both a natural light and a focused reading light. In the outer zones and the walking zones the lighting rails are mounted individually and are dimmed based on the incoming daylight.

The project establishes an infrastructure for an IoT Living Lab. The focus is to achieve an optimal indoor climate, which covers lighting in the same way as heating, ventilation and sound, and hereby testing the different technologies for an optimal interaction.

DTU Library