Illuminating the Deichman Library in Oslo

LED iBond delivered 3,600 shelves with built-in LED light and intelligent controls in minimalist, industrial design for the Deichman Library in Oslo.

Oslo Municipality was looking for a supplier that could provide a customized state-of-the-art shelving system, for a brand-new library.

LED iBond won the tender based on the ability to develop a solution with intelligent shelves that have adjustable beam angles, enabling the light to be focused on books, objects, and magazines. The settings are controlled by NFC (Near Field Communication) technology in mobile devices such as tablets and
mobile phones.

Intelligent and durable design

LED iBond’s solution is made using recycled materials, which can be recycled again at end-of-life. The construction utilizes aluminum as an efficient heat conductor, which gives a long service life of over 100,000 burning hours. The shelves are developed in brushed anodized aluminum, which makes them capable of withstanding scratches and wear from the books. Connectors for both shelf and rack modules have been developed so that installation and commissioning are plug-and-play. As the shelves are easy to move, we have ensured that the light will automatically dim up, once they are put back in place in the rack module.

A custom solution for specific needs

The shelves feature advanced LED optics, specially designed for illuminating books and objects. Together with a trusted supplier, LED iBond developed the shelves with built-in LED lighting in a  minimalistic and aesthetic design. Hidden cabling, as well as a special connector plug, enables library staff to easily disconnect, lift and handle the shelves in one flexible solution. The shelves only weigh 5 kilograms each, but carry up to 80 kilograms. The burn rate of the lights is also truly unique, which
meant that all in all, the library located in Bjørvika, Oslo, received both a flexible as well as a highly energy-efficient shelving solution.

Today, the new Deichman Library welcomes over two million visitors each year. In June 2020, the library opened, allowing the public into the library that features the customized and intelligent bookshelf solution delivered by LED iBond.

Illuminating the Deichman Library in Oslo