The Plane, our minialist luminaire illuminating an office building (B2 Korea)

Jeudan – Improving office working environment with The Plane®.

Ultra slim LED fixture in old warehouse building from 17th century.




  • Units installed: 28 units
  • Installation height: 225 cm
  • Burn hours per year: 2000 hrs

Tech spec:

  • Luminous flux/unit: 2*2775 lumen
  • CCT: 3000K
  • CRI: +80 Ra
  • Consumption per unit: 83W
  • Lifetime: L90 : >100.000h


Special Feature:

The Plane® bi-directional with Dali light control system

The customer’s office is located in an old warehouse from the 17th century, creating a beautiful atmosphere. The customer was looking for a minimalistic LED lighting solution, to deliver efficient and comfortable lighting, whilst enhancing the characteristics of the old warehouse architecture.



It was of utmost importance to the customer to achieve good and direct lighting at the office desks to ensure good working conditions. However, the general lighting needed to be softened in order to enhance the beautiful ceiling and wooden beams.

It was therefore clear that the project required a suspended solution to enable both direct and indirect lighting.



The Plane® bi-directional was the perfect fit for the customer due to the height of just 6 mm and the feature of both up- and downlight. Additionally, The Plane®’s minimalistic design allowed the characteristics of the old building to shine through. As an extra feature, the Dali light control system was integrated to optimize the working environment and to provide the freedom to adjust the lighting to specific situations and needs.

Consequently, by installing The Plane® bi-directional the customer improved the office space with outstanding lighting on the office desks, whilst the office’s unique architecture was emphasized and complemented in the best possible way.