The Plane, our unique luminaire

Minimalistic Quality Light for the Creative Space.

Located in the design-savvy city of Copenhagen, in the historical Frederiksberg district, is the home of design collective Al Hambra and Sons. This location serves as a retail outlet, showroom and functional installation site of LED iBond’s unique fixture, The Plane. The location is also the head office of our LED iBond partner called Lesss.

With LED iBond patented technology, The Plane delivers powerful effective light throughout the work and production facilities. With a thickness of just 6,5mm and easily adjustable height, The Plane never obtrudes or interferes with the design of the surroundings. Instead, the uniquely designed, sleek fixture supports the visual impression and practical requirements of the environment.

  • Project name: Lesss showroom, Frederiksberg Alle 42B
  • Product: The Plane bi-directional pendant fitting with Casambi enabled

For the designers working within this design collective, there are two primary and major requirements for the quality of the light. First, the color rendering must be high enough to reflect the true colors of the artwork. Secondly, the light must support the demands of the working environment, which range from very detailed artwork to the comfort of office work.

What’s more is that having individually Casambi-controlled luminaires enables each person to adjust the light exactly as they want, for optimal comfort and productivity.

The bi-directional light enhances the space while also  providing  an effective task light for the user.

The previous lighting scheme consisted of regular T5 fluorescent fixtures with a color rendering index of >80, however this LED iBond solution has a rendering index of >90 and a color temperature 3000K.

In the words of Lesss Founder, Sophie Teichert:

“The former lighting solution in the office was rather bland and didn’t enhance nor support the space. Once we installed The Plane, with its unique combination of powerful light in a super-thin structure, we had  a thrilled group of people sharing the workspace.”

Sofie continued by adding:

“In fact, we have a production table in the back of the office. It was not our original plan to use The Plane there, but after testing it we found that not only does it provide an excellent light for creating art work, but it also gives an amazing effect in the room with fabrics and artwork.”