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Musikteatret Holstebro upgrade with advanced LED solutions.

Over the last couple of years, The Music Theatre, which is the largest culture center of the region, has invested heavily in technical installations, and has been successful in reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs considerably. The focal point has now been directed towards the lighting of the Theatre, which has been upgraded with advanced LED solutions to the benefit of the audience, the artists, and the employees. 



  • Atrium – 50 pcs. ATRIUM Medium 17500 Lumen 4000K CRI +80 installed in a height of 15m in the Black Box Section.
  • Inserts – upgrade – 250 pcs. CXH 190 1700 Lumen 4000K CRI +80 inserts in existing spots in the corridors of the theatre.
  • Installed 2017 & 2018.


Black Box Theatre – the flexible stage with many settings

Numerous artists have performed on the stage of the Music Theatre. Over the years this stage has been a favourite venue for the singer Niels Hausgaard as well as the Royal Ballet Ensemble. The stage offers a floor of 1.000m2 and a free height of 18 metres, which enables unlimited opportunities for the creative event manager. The seating area in the main hall (120m2) may be easily and swiftly changed depending on the specific requirements.

A mobile and telescopic grand stand allows for immediate changes to the configuration – so 380 seats may be arranged in only 10 minutes!

The black walls, the big open room and state-of-the-art theatrical equipment makes the stage ideal for almost any kind of event – be it large or small. Black Box Theatre is used for both standing and seated events, and apart from concerts and conferences also caters for major corporate events.


Efficient solutions with LED iBond

The lighting is crucial when preparing various settings for shows and performances. The original lighting consisted of large high bay downlights installed above a meshed ceiling that is 18 meters above floor level. Due to the installation height, it was difficult to achieve sufficient and safe working light on the floor. Furthermore, the energy consumption was at an unacceptably  high level.

LED iBond A/S offered an efficient solution to the task and replaced the high bay downlights with their round ACP standard Atrium panel (dim.: Ø600*6mm). The panel was installed directly onto  the meshed ceiling at a  height of 15 meters. This solution offers the Music Theatre technicians a much better and more focused working light.

The Music Theatre decided to upgrade the existing downlight fixtures in the corridors and foyer areas with an LED insert from LED iBond. The insert was designed specifically to fit the small tabs in the lamp to enable a quarter-turn attachment to the lamp.

This proved a smart and efficient solution resulting in a replacement installation time of 5-10 minutes per lamp. The extended lifetime of the hi-quality LEDs resulting  in a replacement of the lightsource  will not happen until many years from now.

“Naturally, we have also applied and obtained the state-offered energy savings subsidy. We have achieved a great lighting solution, and having the small light emitting diodes in plain view, makes it clear to the visitors of  the theatre that we have installed energy efficient lighting,” explains Klaus Jørgensen, Technical Manager at the Music Theatre.

Musikteatret Holstebro