Elretur certificate for producer responsibility

LED iBond has been rewarded for taking responsibility and ensuring the reuse and recycling of electric and electronic waste! Elretur is an organization that guarantees legitimate waste streams for the authorities. They are committed to establishing an improvement and increase in recycling and reuse, by contributing to sustainable end-of-life solutions for their members’ products. As of […]

Article in Vertical Farm Daily

LED light panels Vertical farming illuminating a layer of crops, leafy greens

Our lighting solutions have been featured in @Vertical Farm Daily’s great article! 🌱 During an interview, @Nanna Vejgaard demonstrated our two LED solutions for vertical farming, Tracy and Gracy, while taking about the steps LED iBond takes in the right direction – for a greener future! Hope you enjoy this exciting read! https://www.verticalfarmdaily.com/article/9418622/sustainable-intelligent-lighting-solutions-that-comply-with-the-sdg-s/

Guide to UV-C lighting as a disinfectant

LED iBond’s LED UV lighting technology

The disinfection properties of ultraviolet (UV) lighting on microbes have been known for over a century. UV wavelengths have since been used to disinfect non-porous surfaces, the air, and water. Combining this technology with LED lighting, UV-C LEDs have transformed the lighting industry and made modern life much more convenient. The global UV-C LED market […]

Improve harvests with customized light recipes

Gracy, our panel for vertical farming lighting up a layer of leafy greens

Research has shown the use of LEDs over traditional lighting solutions such as fluorescent and incandescent lights have positive effects on plant growth and development. At LED iBond, we believe being able to control your LEDs easily is just as important as having them. This is because having an easily customizable and controllable lighting system […]

Purchase a customized LED lighting solution

Hand holding animated circle

Choosing the right lighting is important Light is an invaluable part of our daily lives, and all of us depend on reliable lighting to get through the day. Whether we are talking about choosing perfect bulbs for a vertical farm or selecting LEDs for a large-scale project such as a carpark, gas station, or an […]

Unique lighting solutions for unique farms

Vertical farming grow lights layer with crops

Over the years, vertical farming has boomed considerably, and growers have learned to customize their vertical farms to match their exact horticulture needs. With an array of new farming technology and equipment, it is more important than ever to pick the right lighting to ensure plants will thrive. At LED iBond, we are proud of […]

Create a greener future with sustainable LED lights

LED grow lights illuminating a layer of leafy greens in a vertical farm

Artificial lighting is a necessity in the modern age and the main source of electricity demand globally. While there is no way to opt out of using artificial lighting, consumers can still make smart choices to create the least detrimental environmental impact when faced with different lighting options. From usage to replacement and disposal, LED […]

Led lighting vs traditional lighting solutions

Shelly, illuminated shelf with integrated LED lights

With an abundance of lighting solutions available, LEDs remain a popular choice for many users. ‘LEDs’ stands for Light Emitting Diodes and is often compared to traditional lighting solutions such as incandescent and fluorescent lighting. Their main difference lies in the way they generate light. Due to LED’s superior technology, it boasts a series of […]

Go greener with LED lighting solutions

Illuminated smart shelves, Shelly

In recent years, as calls for the use of sustainable lighting are made, LED technology has quickly become a staple in homes, offices, retail spaces, and more. LEDs, which stands for ‘Light Emitting Diodes’, have revolutionized how we live, work, and play. This is due to their high-quality lighting and eco-friendliness. In comparison with traditional […]

LED grow lights improve efficiency in vertical farming

Farmer holding a pot of leafy greens

As the world population becomes increasingly urbanized, vertical farming offers a way for growers to cultivate plants without the need for traditional farmland or pesticides. As the name suggests, the process involves stacking grow beds of plants vertically in layers in a controlled environment, and then using soil, hydroponics, or aeroponics to deliver nutrients to […]

Why smart shelves make such an excellent lighting solution

Shelly, illuminated smart shelves of LED iBond

Smart shelves, also known as intelligent shelves, are revolutionizing interior spaces through their attentive design and superb illumination. Integrated with LED lighting and multimedia capabilities, they do more than just house items. Smart shelves seek to display them in thoughtful ways, and to complement the ambiance of the environment they are in. Smart shelves can […]

PuriZAP from led ibond effectively inactivates coronavirus sars cov 2

UV light disinfecting a keyboard

In a new report, based on a commissioned research project, the Institute of Clinical Research at the University of Southern Denmark confirms that puriZAP, the handheld disinfection unit manufactured by LED iBond International A/S (LED iBond), effectively inactivates coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) of up to 99.97 %. With this anti-virus effectiveness, the puriZAP unit is a powerful […]

Two promotions


Michael Bo Knudsen, Product Development Director Michael joined LED iBond in 2016 as Product Development Manager. Prior to this, he spent 13 years with Louis Poulsen Lighting as Custom Design Project Manager and Quality Manager. Michael holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the Engineering College of Copenhagen. Claus Bondo Jørgensen, Production & QA […]

New CCO with strong international sales background

hands typing on a keyboard

LED iBond International A/S (LED iBond) has hired Pia Stangerup as Chief Commercial Officer, CCO. With a M.Sc. degree in business administration and languages Pia Stangerup is an experienced commercial leader with international focus. She most recently spent just over two years as vice president and business unit manager at Phase One and seven years […]

New oem agreement for shelf and lighting panels for industrial vertical farming

Purple lights from the ceiling lighting up an office space

LED iBond International A/S (LED iBond) and Senmatic A/S have entered into a strategic partnership for OEM delivery of shelves with built-in grow light to be included in Senmatic’s offering of industrial vertical farming solutions. When fully phased in over the course of a few years, LED iBond expects that the new partnership will generate […]

LED iBond introduces replaceable LEDs for elevator ceilings and light fixtures

Everly, the replaceable LED bulb

It is a strategic priority for LED iBond International (LED iBond) to develop new technology for buildings, making them smarter, greener, and more sustainable with a smaller CO2 footprint. Therefore, the company is pleased to announce a new and innovative concept for easy replacement of worn-out LEDs in its light fixtures. Replacing worn-out LEDs may […]

New order for UV-C LED based disinfection systems for airport security checkpoints

Hands typing on a keyboard

In Q4 2020, LED Aviation in close corporation with LED iBond International (LED iBond) will begin supplying Vanderlande with mercury free UV-C LED-based disinfection systems for microbial disinfection at security checkpoints in international airports. This is the outcome of a new order just placed by Vanderlande with LED Aviation, a spin-off from LED iBond. As […]

See far a project to improve quality of life of people with visual impairments

Hands holding

The See Far project, included in the Horizon 2020 framework program of the European Union, aims to provide support to the elder active population with visual impairments. Its development is carried out by a consortium formed by 12 partners from 5 European countries, including universities, technology centers, hospitals and private companies. The University of Seville […]

See far project 2nd plenary meeting

See far project

The second plenary meeting took place in the hospital Clínica Nuestra Señora de La Paz, belonging to one of the partners of the consortium (OHSJD). The partners presented the main outcomes from the work packages so far, discussed and agreed on the most relevant questions, worked together on specific topics, made a general assessment of […]

See far project horizon 2020

Eyes with glasses

LED iBond is one of 12 partners in the See Far Project – a low-cost, non-invasive digital solution incorporating the “See-Far” Smart Glasses and a mobile app. The See Far project aims to develop and validate a digitally enabled adaptive solution supporting ageing workforce with vision loss, an age-related condition, to remain actively involved in […]

LED iBond featured in Danish business magazine “Potentiale”

LUX awards 2018, Potentiale magazin features

The Danish Business Magazine POTENTIALE brought a feature article on LED iBond on occasion of the LUX AWARD nomination and the set-up of in-house manufacturing facilities for the Tracy product line. Follow the below link for a translation of the article. Potentiale Business Magazine

LUX Awards 2018

LUX awards 2018 Prize won for Tracy, by LED iBond

Fantastic night at the LUX Awards 2018! At the recent LUX 2018 Awards, LED iBond was granted the HIGHLY COMMENDED award for Interior Luminaire of the Year for the innovative TRACY® lighting system. LED iBond attended the LUX Awards 2018 in London, and what a night it was. We came in second in the category […]

LED iBond Kitchen is now available in a kitchen store near you

Kitchen illuminated by LED iBond Kitchen in Invita Hillerod

If you haven’t seen our fantastic LED iBond Kitchen yet, you should check it out now! LED iBond Kitchen is designed with a solid aluminium core being the back-bone of the construction. It doesn’t only give you the feel and robustness known from high-end computers and mobile phones, it also allows us to use some […]

We’ve been nominated for the lux awards 2018

LUX awards 2018 Logo

WE’VE BEEN NOMINATED FOR THE LUX AWARDS 2018! We are proud to announce that we have been nominated for the Lux Awards, in the category “Interior Luminaire of the Year (The year’s most ground-breaking interior light fixture)”. LED iBond is nominated with our innovative Tracy® product. Tracy® is a true revolution in lighting technology because […]

Key account manager position

hand holding a sign saying "key account manager"

Account Manager – German speaking and elevator industry experienced. LED iBond is looking for a new Key Account Manager with experience within the elevator industry. We are a fast-growing LED manufacturing company based in Kgs. Lyngby in the capital region of Denmark, and we are looking for a potential candidate to expand/grow the sales of […]

The year of growth

The Atrium illuminating a big interior space

2017 has been an eventful year for LED iBond. We have been busy with a wide variety of projects, modifying and strengthening our product range, and much more. Especially the TRACY® family has thrived this year and the product range now consist of LED iBond Kitchen®, for under cupboard mounting, and TRACY® Spot, which is […]

Transforming library digital playground

DTU smart library illuminated by our linear lighting panel, Tracy

We have recently installed our Tracy® Spot solution, at the library of The Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Tracy® Spot ensures a highly efficient and controllable lighting, whilst also being an inspirational factor to the students. In certain areas, the students will be able to adjust the colour temperature and light intensity and in the […]

Plane bi-directional lighting

LED iBond's The Plane lighting up an office space (B2 Korea)

The LED iBond technology provides numerous opportunities and design options, that can be tailored to the customer’s specific needs and preferences. This enables us to find the perfect fit for our customers every time, which was the case when we provided lighting for a slightly different office facility. The office is located in an old […]


DTU smart Library illuminated by our linear lighting panel, Tracy

We are proud to introduce the revolutionary lighting solution TRACY. TRACY is easy to clean and install while maintaining the minimalistic and slim design. With TRACY the possibilities are only limited by your imagination as you can modify it in any length and shape and even connect it to an electronic device! This means that […]

LED iBond featured in magazine

The Plane, our unique, minimalist luminaire

We were recently featured in the Danish magazine for engineers ‘Installations Nyt’, in which the many benefits of the LED iBond technology was highlighted. The article focuses on our patented ACPLED technology and how it differentiates us in the marketplace – giving the customers endless possibilities in terms of design, applications, customizations etc.

Social media

Hands typing on keyboard

We are now live on both Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram. Follow us to keep updated on the latest news and releases from LED iBond!

LED iBond Ajour 2016

LED iBond stand on AJOUR 2016 event

LED iBond is attending the Ajour 2016 trade show in Odense, Denmark, for the first time this year. We are presenting a number of new products, including the upcoming “Tracy” concept, at the show. Ajour is on from the 24th to the 25th of November at the Odense Congress Center, and you can find us […]

New datasheets photometry available online

data sign

All of our datasheets have been redesigned over the summer, and the new versions can be downloaded either in the respective Product section or in the new Download page. We have also updated our photometry files. Should you require the independent test results, feel free to contact us.

Lb 2016

LED iBond lights spelling "THANKS!"

Light and Building 2016 closed its doors this afternoon – and it was a great success for LED iBond. We met with lighting specifiers, distributors and partners from all 5 continents, and received overwhelming feedback for our patented LEDACP technology. L+B 2016 also saw the world premiere of ‘The Plane’, which we showed in a […]