Purchase a Customized LED Lighting Solution

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Choosing the right lighting is important
Light is an invaluable part of our daily lives, and all of us depend on reliable lighting to get through the day. Whether we are talking about choosing perfect bulbs for a vertical farm or selecting LEDs for a large-scale project such as a carpark, gas station, or an outdoor installation, being able to provide the perfect fit is our goal and what we strive for.

Our unique strengths at LED iBond
In our role as lighting manufacturer, we see potential in continually developing our solutions in innovative ways. In addition to producing panels as conduits for light and electricity, we have also explored the option of adding data.
Our LED lighting solutions come with connection to an open platform which is compatible with Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled devices such as thermostats, motion sensors, and remote controls. Our light panels can be configured as part of a smart environment, and users can run light, electricity, and data all in one washable, durable, and sleekly designed panel.
We are proud of our strong portfolio of customized innovative light and data solutions, and we consider it one of our unique strengths at LED iBond.

Who we serve and our core business lines
LED iBond is proud to be a native of Denmark, where our design process and manufacturing takes place, and our offices are headquartered in Copenhagen.
Over the past few years, we have also developed into an international growth company with a global outlook, and we are happy to say we serve both local and international customers.
We have three core business lines that we promote across all markets, and they are smart buildings, vertical farming, and UV disinfection.

Smart buildings
Smart buildings are buildings that make use of automation to control operations such as lighting, ventilation, and heating. We supply lighting solutions integrated with IoT devices to create smart environments to improve homes, offices, and public environments.
Our LED lighting solutions can be seen in offices and public spaces around the country, such as on the Skive Bridge and in the DTU library. We have also seen our sleek LED panels fit right in as office lighting in global innovative hubs such as Seoul in South Korea, and 3,600 of our smart shelves have found a home in the Deichman Bjørvika Library in Oslo, Norway.

Vertical farming
As a part of our vision to create a world without famine, we are deeply engaged in developing new solutions for the vertical farming industry.
We supply lightweight and durable LED panels that can integrated with thermostats and motion sensors for farmers to equip their facilities. The superior cooling abilities of our products have also made them the ideal choice as grow lights in enclosed environments.
We are proud of our mobile vertical farming solution in partnership with UNI-TROLL Europe, which consists of smart shelves on green trollies to support the development and transportation of crops.

UV disinfection
Ultraviolet (UV) light has the power to eliminate bacteria and viruses, and UV-C disinfection has been a proven solution for decades. Our lighting technology at LED iBond has been used in the development of miniaturized, handheld disinfection equipment that can safely and thoroughly disinfect surfaces.
Our products have been used in cleaning processes in airports, hospitals, and healthcare facilities with very high success rates.

Your purchase process from inquiry to installation
At LED iBond, we follow a standard procedure in all our partnerships with vendors, businesses, and individuals looking for high-quality LED lighting solutions.

A meeting is set up
After reaching out initially to contact us, we will respond by setting up a meeting at your earliest convenience to map out your needs.
During the meeting, we strive to get to know you better and to discuss details of the types of lighting solutions you are looking for, such as requirements regarding function, appearance, and budget. We also take this time to gather context and to learn about your priorities, so that we deliver the best experience we can for you.

A Custom Product Inquiry is produced
A Custom Product Inquiry (CPI) is drawn up once we manage to gather more information on your needs from the initial meeting.
The CPI contains a short description of the project and its scope, including your needs and your vision of the installation. It will also contain specifications on the LEDs that you would like to integrate into your lighting solutions for the project. This includes the light spectrum, optics, replaceability, and whether lights would come with UV-C disinfection properties.
We will also use this period to determine the exact kind of product you will need based on the size or space available for installation, and we will choose a customizable solution from our core collection.
If everything on the CPI aligns with your goals and your requirements, you can sign off on it to kickstart the next step – installation.

The lighting solution is installed
After agreements have been made and the offer has been signed, we can proceed to installation of the lighting solution. There are considerations to be made at this step depending on the location.
For vertical farmers looking to integrate LED grow lights in their farm, we consider industry standards for the specific crop type and crop area, measured in m2. We install LEDs at the optimal distance between each crop and their light source and we consider light power, levels, and spectra for specific types of plants, measured in µmol/s.
In the enclosed spaces of vertical farms, we also understand there will be splash back of water and different levels of humidity. This is the same for all outdoor light sources that may encounter rainfall. Our customized solutions always take into account the necessary IP rating of each light bulb to ensure safety for our customers and users.
At every stage of our installation process, we aim for optimal light efficacy for the end user. We strive to produce sustainable lighting solutions that can exceed customer expectations in performance and lower their overall operational cost.

Requesting extra features
Our lighting panels are compatible with IoT solutions and can be connected to various motion sensors, thermostats. They can also be integrated into larger lighting systems to be controlled remotely via tablets and devices. Should you like to request any extra features, simply let our team know and we will be happy to help.

For more information, please contact Sales on the button below. We look forward to talking to you.