Smart buildings


One of LED iBond´s main focus areas is creating smart buildings. A smart building is any type of building that makes use of automation to control the operations of the building such as ventilation, lighting, heating, air conditioning, security, and much more – connected lighting systems (CLS).

LED iBond’s innovative products offer significant improvements to home and office environments through the flexible design of Tracy® elements, as well as the seamless integration of IoT sensors. With thickness of only 6 mm, the system simultaneously provides high-efficiency LED lighting and integrates a wide range of IoT devices such as CO2 and motion sensors.

Tracy© runs electrical power, data and lighting for up to 50 meters with a single electrical input. Furthermore, LEDs use significantly less electricity than many conventional lighting technologies, saving costs and reducing environmental impact.

Feel free to think big – LED iBond delivers highly customized solutions for large projects. For example, we have delivered 3,600 smart, illuminated bookshelves recently installed at Oslo’s new main public library, The Deichman Bjørvika Library. Similarly, in 2019, we delivered 10,000 LED inserts and drivers for DTU (Technical University of Denmark).

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