Why Smart Shelves Make such an Excellent Lighting Solution

Shelly, illuminated smart shelves of LED iBond

Smart shelves, also known as intelligent shelves, are revolutionizing interior spaces through their attentive design and superb illumination. Integrated with LED lighting and multimedia capabilities, they do more than just house items. Smart shelves seek to display them in thoughtful ways, and to complement the ambiance of the environment they are in.

Smart shelves can make modern life easier, as they are technologically compatible with other resources including sensors and smartphones. This means that lights can be switched on and off, and dimmed, with just the click of a button or the swipe of a finger.

On top of functionality, the wireless, minimalist design of the shelves allows them to fit right into all types of spaces and instantly elevate them. This makes them a very attractive choice for users, and it is no wonder that LED shelving is becoming increasingly popular in personal and professional spaces.

Below are some qualities of smart shelves that make them an excellent lighting solution.

Easy Integration with Other Technology

Unlike traditional shelving solutions, smart shelves provide an integration with technology that can enhance user experience with its simple ease of use.

For example, LED iBond’s Shelly has full Internet of Things (IoT) integration capability, as well as the ability to work within Building Management Systems (BMS) thanks to open platform technology. This means it is able to fit in networks alongside other connected devices, such as sensors and software, to collect and exchange data. This also means that LED shelf lighting can be connected with the larger lighting system in place, which may include lamps, and overhead and wall lights.

Additionally, technologies in BMS, such as heaters, speakers, and ventilation and security systems, can also be integrated. This gives users full access and control of everything at the same time, and all from the comfort of their smartphone, tablet, or smart watch.

Diversity of Implementation

As intelligent shelves are multi-purpose and customizable, the places in which they can be implemented are limitless. Some popular locations include libraries, galleries, museums, hotel lounges, and bars and restaurants, where a comfortable yet premium feel is essential. Additionally, they also make a great shelving solution for the modern home.

Despite its slim size, Shelly can carry up to 80kg (176lbs) in weight. This makes the smart shelf an excellent choice for the home, as its strength makes it ideal for a variety of purposes. Shelly can be implemented in living rooms and bedrooms to house books and display figurines, as well as in the kitchen and pantry to shelve kitchenware and food.

These LED shelves make housekeeping a breeze, as they have smooth surfaces for easy cleaning and dusting. Made from brushed anodized aluminium, surfaces are polished to a unidirectional satin finish. This means that the shelf does not chip and is scratch-resistant.

With their strength, minimalism, and LED integration, users will not have to pick out supplementary lighting, which saves time and money. As these shelves are also thin and wireless, they can fit into virtually any environment, offering a diversity of implementation.

Cost-Efficiency and Sustainability

Noting the importance of sustainability in technology, LED shelving is a great option for users who want to go green. Compared to traditional luminaires, LED lights are much more efficient and has a lower carbon footprint. This is due to their lower power consumption and much longer product lifespan.

With LED iBond’s patented heat technology, LED lighting solutions offered have a total service life of 100,000 hours, which is almost double that of most LED options on the market. That is around 11 years of continuous use, which makes it incredibly cost-efficient. It also keeps replacement at a minimum, which saves time and effort in upkeep.

Shelly is designed to complement this LED technology. The smart shelves are made from aluminium, a metal that is both an excellent thermal conductor and resistant to corrosion. This makes them efficient heat conductors and aids the longevity of the LED service life.

Furthermore, the choice of material means that up to 90.4% of Shelly’s components can be recycled, making Shelly a truly sustainable product.

Aside from an impressive burn rate, LED shelving is also safer as it contains no mercury or lead. This means that the use of smart shelves is safe and do not require specialised clean-up.


Diechman Library Case Study

To better explore the benefits of LED shelving solutions, and in particular, that of the Shelly multimedia shelf, below we present a case study.

The Deichman Library, known in Norwegian as Deichmanske bibliotek, is a public library in Oslo, Norway. During its redesign, architects worked with LED iBond to create Shelly, the innovative and stylish smart shelf, to house the library’s books and magazines. With 3,600 of these smart bookshelves implemented, the Deichman was transformed into a warm and welcoming space.

Completed in 2019 and opened to the public in June 2020, the library is expected to welcome over 2 million visitors each year. This large-scale project took dedication and commitment from LED iBond’s part, where many hours were spent in development.

The LED shelves offer specially developed optics, which ensures that the light is always focused on the books and magazines being showcased. As the beams are focused and integrated into the intelligent shelves, they are also glare-free and will not be affected by external movements. This means that wherever visitors stand, books on the shelves will be illuminated, and visitors can enjoy their browsing and reading experience without visual interruptions.

The weight of each shelf is only 5,2 kg, but each shelf has a carrying capacity of up to 80 kg. Supported by the rack system and featuring a simple click and connect technology, the shelves can easily be removed and repositioned by the library staff. This makes Shelly a strong and flexible solution, fully capable of supporting the weight of the library’s ever evolving collection of books and artefacts.

The LED shelves also provide fully adjustable and dimmable lighting, to create different ambiances as required in different parts of the library, from reading halls to workshop spaces. Additionally, these shelves are stacked in different ways to create variety, in line with the spatial design of each room. As the shelves are fully IoT compatible, degrees of light brightness are controlled by Near Field Communication (NFC) technology in mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. General shelf lighting settings is also controlled via the library’s own BMS, and further technological integration is possible if desired.

Shelly also came in line with the overall sustainability focus of the architects. The long service life of LED lights, in combination with the intelligent shelf’s energy efficiency, made it the ideal candidate for this large-scale project.

The implementation of Shelly has made the Oslo Library one of the most technologically advanced public libraries in Europe. Its lighting capabilities have also drawn good reviews. Locals have praised the modern library’s sleek and innovative design and declared that it has made the city livelier thanks to its warmth and openness.

Smart shelves, like LED iBond’s Shelly, have a lot to offer in terms of functionality and aesthetic. Engineered with flexibility and sustainability in mind, the strength and sleekness of these shelves allow them to blend into any environment to elevate and enhance modern spaces.


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