A new solution for easy replacement of LEDs.

LED iBond takes pride in offering state-of-the-art quality for the LEDs we use in all our products. The patented technology behind our products ensures low temperatures and an unsurpassed lifespan  for  the LEDs. Still, situations may occur when the replacement of a single or more LEDs is desirable. Therefore, the new LED replacement concept – Everly – lets you easily replace individual LEDs with new ones, saving you the hassle, time and expense of replacing the entire LED light fixture.

How does it work?

LED iBond has developed a special tool and a plug in which the LED is mounted on. Using the special tool, the LED plug is fitted in the 6 mm lighting panel or elevator ceiling. This allows you to replace an LED in a matter of seconds!

This innovative product design also provides a clear environmental benefit compared to other alternative products, where the need for LED replacement means replacement of the entire light fixture or replacement of otherwise still viable components. Unfortunately, this is a widespread problem for other manufacturers of LED products, leaving customers with only one option: Dismantling and discarding the entire LED lighting product and buying  a new one.

The Everly replaceable LED and tool comes in handy for several of LED iBond’s products, like our elevator ceilings. Should the need arise to replace a worn-out or vandalised LED in our one-component elevator ceiling, there is no need for elevator down-time or time-consuming maintenance. Simply unplug the LED with the special tool and replace it with a new LED – it takes less than a minute and no additional tools are required. This innovation extends the effective service life of LED iBond’s elevator ceilings significantly, thus reducing the owner’s total cost of ownership. At the same time, it brings down the environmental footprint of the building due to the extended service life, the recyclable materials and the low power consumption of the LEDs.