Why invest?

LED iBond’s technology platform is based on the idea of mounting LEDs in a sandwich of aluminium layers with an isolating core. This sandwich structure integrates light, smart components, data and electricity in one very slim panel without need for external wiring or cooling. The patented technology platform provides powerful lighting solutions in almost any shape and form, while at the same time providing an ‘open source’ power base and digital network for all kinds of smart devices such as sensors, speakers and cameras. The technology has universal application and LED iBond is concentrating on three very promising growth market opportunities: smart buildings, disinfection and vertical farming. Other opportunities are addressed in cooperation with spin-off partners.

Business case driven by strong megatrends

LED iBond is concentrating on three growth markets for its technology platform, all driven by forceful megatrends:

The smart building market

The fast-growing market for digital automation of building infrastructures, LED iBond’s technology platform offers numerous options for integrating digital light control and all sorts of sensors for data collection for the Internet of Things (IoT). The global smart building market is growing almost 12 % per year, as developers and building owners implement energy savings and new regulatory requirements and install “smart” convenience features for residential and commercial occupants.

In the important market sub-segment of elevator ceilings with a global installed base of 16 million elevators, LED iBond’s technology is set to take significant market share with its slim and versatile panel offering long-life, no-maintenance LED lighting with the option to include safety features and 2-way communication.

The market for disinfection equipment

Ultraviolet (UV) light kills bacteria and viruses. With new UV LEDs, LED iBond’s technology can be used for purifying air and water as well as for miniaturised handheld equipment for disinfecting surfaces and components in a highly efficient manner. With an annual growth potential of 12 %, the market for UV disinfection equipment is driven both by the technical, environmental, and financial superiority of UV LEDs in general, by the growing need for water and air purification and by the specific need to protect against infectious diseases, such as covid-19.

Vertical farming

In vertical farming, plants are farmed in “layered” greenhouses. Vertical farming requires “smart” and controllable lighting, proper ventilation, and efficient heat control in a compact configuration; exactly the features that LED iBond’s technology provide. The emerging market of vertical farming is forecasted to grow by 19 % annually, fuelled by an ever-increasing global population, continued urbanization and the emergence and growth of legalised cannabis.


To further leverage the commercial potential of the technology platform, LED iBond is pursuing certain high-growth market niches in collaboration with partners. Until now, the company has spun-off three business activities with underlying production- and royalty agreements: handheld UV disinfection equipment, UV disinfection equipment for the aviation industry and lighting equipment to improve productivity and animal welfare in the farming industry.

Current Business

A large part of LED iBond’s current business is based on the flagship product Tracy®, an innovative connected lighting concept for residential, retail, hospitality, and office applications. Tracy was awarded the British ‘Highly Commended Interior Luminaire of the Year’ distinction at the LUX Awards in London, November 2018. LED iBond opened in 2019 a fully automated Tracy production line in Farum near Copenhagen.

Recent deliveries include:

  • A smart lighting infrastructure solution for an IoT Living Lab at the Technical University of Denmark, replacing traditional light fixtures with 3.2 kilometers of Tracy® and thus offering the campus library a more green profile .
  • 3,600 shelves with advanced LED optics for the new Deichman library in Oslo.
  • Elevator ceilings for Danish railway stations in cooperation with ThyssenKrupp Elevator.

In support of UN's global goals

It is essential for LED iBond to leverage its unique technology, not only for the company’s commercial benefit, but for the good of the planet. The company’s technology is enabling large-scale vertical farming, supporting substantial IoT-based solutions for better human health and well-being, higher energy efficiency and many other climate initiatives. LED iBond contributes to four of UN’s 17 global sustainability goals and enables many others to make their best sustainability efforts also, saving energy, improving the global climate, feeding the world of tomorrow and more!


It is LED iBond’s strong belief that the above market opportunities will gain considerable momentum over the coming years.

LED iBond has entered a phase of significant growth, and the company is pursuing support for the continued development of the 3 growth markets: Smart and green buildings, UV disinfection and vertical farming – all areas with exciting and global potential.

The proceeds from the IPO will primarily be used for further expansion of international sales- and distribution channels as well as development of new opportunities within UV disinfection and vertical farming. The proceeds will also be used for continued management of the patent portfolio as well as securing patent protection for new developments. Furthermore, a minor part of the proceeds will be used for working capital and minor optimisation of the manufacturing assets.

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