Construction Trailer Lighting Solution

Get a great construction trailers lighting solution

TRACY® Industry is the ideal construction trailer lighting solution.

The slim LED panels fit nicely into the limited space of a construction trailer. They are easily installed onto the ceiling ensuring a pleasant and well-lit working environment.

With a dimmer it is possible to create both an efficient and relaxing environment. 

Lightweight and extendable, TRACY® Industry can be used for linear lighting at any length, it features a market-leading lifespan and can be cleaned with an electric pressure washer.

Made in Denmark.

Made of aluminum
96.6% of TRACY® can be recycled
UN SDG 13 - Climate action


As a leading technology developer, LED iBond facilitates and supports the propagation of energy-saving LED-technology for climate improvements.


  • Seamless integration directly onto ceiling
  • Customizable
  • Flexible and modular
  • Up to 40 meter panels per power connection
  • Market-leading LED lifespan
  • IP46 rated
  • Highly recyclable
  • Made from recyclable materials

Specifications TRACY® Industry

Technology LED
Material Aluminum
Length 300 mm – 1800 mm
Height 6 mm (7 mm, water protection)
Voltage 24 VDC
Power consumption 1,7 W / LED spot (max 3,6 W)
Luminous flux 200 lm / LED spot (max 450 lm)
Color temperature 3000K or 4000K
Color rendering index +90
Dimmable Yes
Country of Origin Denmark
Can be cut into any angle and lenght
40 m panels per power connection
Slim Design
7 mm incl. IP46
Easy installation
Can be mounted onto anything

Perfect Light Distribution

What do our clients say?

Bluetop x LED iBond carport lighting solution

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“I LOVE LED iBond and the product is great”.

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