illuminated smart shelves


Display books, art, magazines, or any other object on Shelly illuminated smart shelves made to impress your audience. Let our experience with smart LED lighting for shelves benefit the display of objects in your interior space!

LED iBond presents Shelly – an innovative, stylish and illuminated multimedia shelf that easily integrates with IT, IoT, sensors or building management systems (BMS). Originally designed for the prominent Deichmanske Library in Oslo, Norway, Shelly is state-of-the-art quality, offering no compromises, and is both stylish and safe, modern, yet everlasting.

Not only does the Shelly smart shelf solution offers multiple features and benefits, which are listed further down. More importantly, it also offers environmental benefits due to the choice of material and production method:

• Recycled and recyclable materials

• Low power consumption

• Unsurpassed LED lifespan

• Long product lifespan

• Low carbon footprint

Read on for more information about what the Shelly system offers or contact us now for a conversation about your project and needs – simply go to the orange button further down. We look forward to talking to you!

The Shelly smart shelves system offers:

  • Advanced LED optics specially designed for illuminating books and objects
  • No visible wires
  • Discreet, minimalist design
  • Scratch proof shelves due to the brushed anodised aluminium surface
  • Lightweight 24 mm slim shelves (yet they carry up to 80 kg/176 lbs weight)
  • Easy integration of IT, IoT or BMS
  • Dimmable and adjustable lighting
  • All safety requirements
Want to know more?

Shelly illuminated smarts shelves at Deichmanske Library

Build as many layers and rows of Shelly shelves as needed

LED spots of superior quality is integrated in the aluminium shelf

Benefits of Shelly:

• Optimizing display of objects due to integrated LEDs with asymmetrical beam angles

• A modern interior design due to the minimalist illuminated shelves with no visible wires

• Hassle-free maintenance due to the unsurpassed LED lifespan and high product quality

• Flexibility and adjustability to fit individual needs

• Easy integration with e.g. IoT or BMS due to the open platform technology

• Low power consumption, yet high efficiency

• Easy dusting/cleaning due to the sleek design and smooth surface

Shelly illuminated smart shelves are perfect for:

• High profile libraries

• Multimedia centers

• Arts & crafts galleries

• Museums and museum shops

• Flagship stores

• High-end hotels, lounges, bars and restaurants