Why LEDs Make the Perfect Gas Station Lighting

Q8 gas station in Denmark illuminated by our canopy lighting fixtures at night

Gas stations often operate 24/7 and businesses need to consider multiple factors when choosing the perfect lighting to support daily operation. LEDs have become a popular choice in recent years as they are small and highly customizable. They can be used in flexible and attractive designs, and their long lifespan also gives them a competitive edge.

As a fuel and retail location, gas stations are a vital part of drivers’ everyday lives. That aside, they are also the workplace of thousands of employees. Therefore, it is essential that luminaires selected are durable, long-lasting, and bright yet comfortable.


Gas Station Lighting Considerations

One of the main concerns of gas station lighting is functionality. Gas stations are located outdoors and often away from other establishments due to their sprawling structure to accommodate cars and gas pumps.

Due to this, artificial lighting must be able to blend in with natural lighting or the lack thereof, especially in Nordic countries where there are much fewer daylight hours during winters.

LED iBond luminaires are designed here in Denmark and panels can be fitted with a blend of LEDs with different colour temperatures that range from warm to cool whites. After customizing our light panels, individual LEDs can be controlled through light management systems to best fit the time of day and season.

For example, during the darkest months of the year, lighting can be enhanced with LED RGB projectors to brighten up customers’ and employees’ days.


Comfort must be taken into account. Drivers may be fatigued from being on the road, especially at night. Therefore, while lights should be bright, they should not produce glare or cause any disturbances.

LED iBond provides high-quality LEDs that minimize flicker and strobe. This can minimize eye fatigue, improve visual performance, and decrease occurrences of headaches and eye strains.


Operational Cost and Environmental Footprint
Businesses must also consider its operational cost and environmental footprint. As each gas station employs hundreds of individual light bulbs, costs can add up quickly.

LED iBond strives to provide high-quality innovations at reasonable rates, and this starts in our choice of LEDs. Research from Green America states that LED bulbs last up to 4 times longer than Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs), and up to 35 times longer than a standard incandescent bulb, increasing its long-term cost-efficiency. Additionally, our LED panels are made from recycled aluminium, which can be re-recycled indefinitely.


Where Can Gas Station Lighting Be Implemented?
Luminaire implementation in gas stations consists of two main areas: the station forecourt and the adjoining convenience store. Lighting in these two areas serves different purposes and must be customized to maximize the potential of each light.


Gas Station Forecourt
A gas station forecourt is loosely defined as the area from the convenience store entrance to the main thoroughfare. These include illuminated signage, and lights on charging stations for electric cars.

It also includes the gas station canopy, a large, roof-like structure out in the open that is usually customized with a brightly lit company logo and brand colors.

If there are adjoining car wash facilities, businesses should also consider the water resistance of light fixtures for safety issues.


Convenience Store
Gas station convenience stores should be well-lit to make customers feel safe and comfortable. They should also be bright enough to illuminate their products on shelves, and spotlights can be used to highlight promotions.


Benefits of LEDs in Gas Stations
Many businesses have opted to use LED lighting for gas stations because of the array of benefits they offer that make them suitable for both indoor and outdoor implementation.


Low Replacement Rates
It is difficult and inconvenient to constantly replace lights when they burn out in large gas stations, as there are hundreds of them. At LED iBond, we produce a much longer lifespan of LEDs compared to traditional lighting solutions. This can dramatically reduce the need for replacement. With 100,000 hours of continuous use available in every single LED, a gas station that operates 24/7 will not have to replace its lights for a decade.


Reduced replacement rates also improve employee safety. The actual replacement process will be done at a great height for gas station canopies, and temporary darkness from burnt-out bulbs can also cause accidents and discomfort.


Easy Replacement Process
When the LEDs do eventually burn out, our Everly replacement solution can minimize the hassle of fitting new ones. The ‘plug and play’ capacity of our panels makes replacement both easy and environmentally friendly. LEDs ‘plugged’ in and taken out the same way, and users can replace the light source without replacing the entire light fixture. The process takes less than a minute.

This innovation is in line with our vision here at LED iBond. We consider the United Nations Global Goals in all our designs, and we have created our LED luminaires with eco-consciousness at the forefront. When users only have to replace the LED itself, it significantly reduces the gas station’s environmental footprint and the total cost of lighting ownership.


Flexibility of Design
One of the most significant benefits of LEDs is their small size. At 5mm, they are highly compact, and their low heat output allows them to be fitted closely together safely.

Users may install outdoor LED lighting from canopies and convenience store smart shelves to supporting luminaires in car wash facilities.

To meet this wide range of needs, our Aluminium Recycled Panels (ACPs) are incredibly slim at only 6mm, thanks to the low heat output of LEDs and our patented heat management technology. This technology places the LED between aluminium skins used to transmit the electrical current to the light source. As aluminium is a good heat conductor, the skins can efficiently dissipate heat from the LED to avoid overheating.

Our panels can also be customized in length, cut to accommodate corners, and carry multiple LEDs. Users can incorporate different color lights to create ambience and curate a personalized sense of style that reflects the station brand as well.


Variety of Beam Angles
Light trespass and light pollution are very common problems in gas station management. The benefit of using outdoor LED lighting is that LEDs have adjustable beam angles.Traditional lighting solutions such as incandescent and fluorescent lights

are omnidirectional and have beam angles of 360° regardless of where illumination is required. LEDs, however, come in various angles that can be adjusted without purchasing reflectors or additional light fixtures.

For example, LEDs with narrower beam angles of 45° to 60° can be used as spotlights on smart shelves. Wider beam angles from 90° to 120° can be used as flood lighting installed beneath gas station canopies to light up station grounds.


Incorporation with Technology
Gone are the days of manual lighting monitoring and control. At LED iBond, we have integrated our LED lighting solutions with Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

Our LED lights for gas stations can be part of a connected lighting system and monitored from one centralized location. As a gas station uses hundreds of LEDs simultaneously, controlling them in one place can significantly increase management convenience.


Case Study: An LED Upgrade at a Gas Station
LED iBond was tasked by a client to develop a custom solution to upgrade the type of lamp widely used in gas stations in Nordic countries.

The station was originally designed to take sodium pressure lamps protected by glass. As the client wanted an LED upgrade, we came up with the convenient process of replacing the glass with our LED panels designed specifically for lighting updates.

We installed the LED panels quickly and safely as we did not have to access the ceiling. There was also no need to close the station during the installation process, and business could go on as usual.


How Our LED Panels Are Suited for Gas Stations
Our aluminium composite panel with integrated LEDs are removable and have smooth surfaces which are easy to clean. As gas stations are outdoors, it is easy for light fixtures to collect dust and dirt. These will not only affect appearance but also influence luminaire performance.

In line with adapting our luminaires for outdoor use, our panels have an IP rating of up to IP67 to withstand operation in tough climates. This is an important feature to have in Nordic countries, where users can experience harsh winters.

Additionally, at only 6mm, the slim size of our panels also makes for flexible design and do not disrupt any lines, creating a sleek and minimalist look. Our panels are durable and rigid, but they also come with a two-year warranty as we understand accidents can happen.


Improved Energy Consumption
LED bulbs consume much less energy compared to traditional lighting solutions such as CFLs and incandescent bulbs. According to research in the Scientific World Journal, LEDs use 80% less energy than incandescent lights and 30% to 40% than CFLs.

LEDs are also much more efficient in converting the consumed electrical energy into light.

Additionally, as the gas station panels were fitted with an LED dimmer so that brightness levels could be adjusted according to the needs of employees and customers. Dimmed lights in gas station canopies can create ambience in late mornings and early afternoons when there is some sunshine. This conserved energy and contributed to a lower overall cost of operation.


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